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rehbockjagd ungarn 2018 view Last Thursday, I boarded a plane at 5:30 am for a trip to Orange County. As I boarded the plane, the female flight attendant said, “Ugh. Why do we have 6 am flights? It’s for all of those businessmen.” I paused and thought, “Oh, surely you meant businessWOMEN.”

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transmission form nsdl Meeting businessWOMEN is exactly why I was headed down south. I met two other Accountability Officers and we attended a luncheon with Marie Therese Royce, a successful businesswoman, professor and writer. She previously held senior management positions at Marriott International, Choice Hotels International, and The Procter & Gamble Company. She currently serves as the Managing Director of Global Strategic Initiatives at Alcatel-Lucent in Washington, D.C. More on Marie: cab taxi in lucknow We had the opportunity to chat with Marie about her success in business and her thoughts about the gender gap in the workplace. Here are some of the highlights:

mesure cl ml dl go cave ludivigne fécamp check Establish yourself.
Taking an internship is one way you can get your foot in the door. After you start, don’t just put your head down and work hard. Ask the director of the department (or the CEO, if you can reach him/her) what project they’d like to get done but haven’t been able to because of time. Complete the project and show your value. Every opportunity is a game changer.

weibo sign up english watch kurz emu cnb Work hard and be nice to people.
Did someone tell you you’re doing a good job? Have them put it in writing. Ask if they can send your boss a quick note. Recognition gets rewarded. navette argentré vitre patrice texier les pyramides check Be your own agent.
Speak up. Don’t be afraid to ask. Doing your job is just as much bravery as it is hard work. One of the primary reasons women are paid less than men in the workplace is because women don’t ask. Nine times out of ten, asking and making your voice heard won’t impact you adversely.

presse développement durable there frappe de stupeur en 5 lettres there Hold yourself (and others) accountable.
Even Madonna isn’t doing it by herself. She has a team of people who keep her looking good, including publicists, personal trainers and voice coaches. Not all of us have access to personal trainers and publicists, but we all have access to accountability.

playstation 4 price here If you don’t feel comfortable or haven’t had success holding yourself accountable to your goals, have someone else help you. In Marie’s words, you need someone who will “go to the jugular for you!” Consider joining the Accountability Ally program to have an Ally or be an Ally for someone else. alice figuren handarbeit  

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