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ligne akra mt 07 This week’s blog is written by Registered Nurse, David Barton. virgin dubai radio Congratulations, Accountable in Action on your one year anniversary. Your mission to encourage others, empower success, and give a loving kick in the butt is admirable and inspiring; regardless of gender.

under armour sale I have the privilege of sharing this blog entry as the most atypical AinA contributor; a middle-aged, white, conservative, male. That said, let me share some insights. The glass ceiling is in place so the good ol’ boys can keep women out. Corporations are all about greed and taking advantage of you.  All of your goals in life will be more successful if they are according to God’s will. Silent, white racism is at the heart of minority underachievement. Women are not assertive enough. Women are too assertive.

reaktion exfreund wieder getroffen Are we getting uncomfortable yet? The message of AinA, is that you alone are responsible for your success and failures. Life is full of so many agendas, excuses, and nauseating hyperbole that it is easy to slip into silent self-pity, tacitly acknowledging that outside circumstances are preventing your success.

de stolp texel view Baloney. Hogwash. B.S. golf pyla sur mer You are responsible for yourself, your life and your success; yes there are bad breaks in life, but as Allen Saunders (not John Lennon) said, “Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans.”

dezimalzahlen in minuten Whether your defined success is in the area of personal, family, altruistic, financial, or business life, the personal skills and actions needed to get there are the same. In “Think and Grow Rich,” Napoleon Hill talks about finding your Definite Major Purpose, that thing in your life that will wake you up in the middle of the night with excitement, puts a fire in your belly, and enables you to overcome all obstacles.  As we enter the new year, I challenge you to honestly ask yourself, “What is my definite, major purpose?” The answer has to be one sentence, without qualifications. For many, the initial answer to the question is, “I don’t know.” That’s perfectly alright; your definite, major purpose is to find your definite, major purpose.

presseklub erfurt veranstaltungen check With a clearly stated purpose in life, it doesn’t matter what obstacles, prejudices, disadvantages, or unfairness are put before you. You have a purpose, something for which you can build goals, and from those goals actions; and the sum of your actions will be your success. You can make adjustments as life’s sudden storms come up, but you will know where you are headed.

malin maligne maline So read, pray, meditate, soul-search, write, talk and find your Definite Major Purpose. Reach out, take risks, stay focused, and stop making excuses. Come what may, there will be a future, and you have a purpose to achieve. The resources from Accountable in Action from the blog and tweets to networking and Accountability Allies can help you define and fulfill your purpose. arme haben es reiche brauchen es To Sarah, Lindsey, Shana and all the other excellent Leaders at Accountable in Action, again congratulations, and keep waiving the banner of leadership and success. If you haven’t joined up with AinA yet, contact one of these ladies, or sign-up at

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