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certainement x games In case you missed it, President Obama addressed the nation in a speech last Wednesday that detailed the plan for how we’re going to deal with ISIL, or ISIS, or IS… whatever you want to call them. As it turns out, this whole “whatever you want to call them” name thing is pretty important, and some argue that what we call the terrorist group contributes to their perceived power. More argue that, yeah, they probably need less of that. construire fiche de poste What we name things, people, places is important.

motif africain a colorier view Take, for instance, your own name. Throughout your life, it’s likely you’ve come to identify deeply with it, being quick to turn whenever you hear your name called and annoyed when someone pronounces it wrong (hint: your barista at Starbucks). Our names represent who we are as individuals and can often open or shut doors, for better or for worse (you can bet nobody wants to share a name with Ray Rice right now).

service b mercedes Another example might be your title at work. Why do we argue for bigger, fancier titles when we’re promoted or switch jobs? Oh yeah, because program coordinator sounds better than program assistant. Vice president carries more clout better than director, even if you’re doing the same kind of work. While I know we can each be leaders no matter our title, naming matters.

advance bx 380 eb One of the many practical ways you can put this to use professionally is through your LinkedIn headline.* The LinkedIn headline is essentially the elevator pitch for the rest of your profile. It sums up what you’re all about in only a handful of words, and it’s one of the first things someone sees when they view your profile. It’s a good opportunity to suck someone in to viewing the rest of it.

ligne tan 85 link As a general rule, here are some guidelines for how you can craft your headline. Include: manget wires and insulations unit Here are a few examples:

  • Executive Recruiter/Speaker/Author/who helps you create a better career. Featured on Fox/CBS/CNN
  • Fundraising consultant who helps major non-profits raise more money. Clients include the Red Cross and YMCA.
  • Personal Trainer who helps high school athletes get stronger and faster. Certified by the American Council on Exercise. eisern union bilder When you edit your headline, there are “show examples” and “see what others in your industry are using” links that you should take advantage of. Browse those links and model your own headline after the ones you like.

plombières les dijon foot What’s in your name? A bunch of consonants and vowels, I bet. Whatever they are, make them work for you. basedor quinte du jour  

pressure lubrication system watch *If you don’t already have a LinkedIn account, you should definitely get one. It’s one of the most convenient methods of networking. Come on, don’t you want to get your name out there?

idées surprise anniversaire view ** Guidelines and examples adapted from LinkedIn contributor Pete Leibman.

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