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bonds in india The first time I ever saw a man’s hands in a liquid dish soap commercial, I about fell out of my chair. “C’mon,” I thought. “Didn’t anyone else just see that?! Surely we’re making strides in the concept of gender roles.” Not just what a man riem giorgio blauw can do, but even more so, what a woman doesn’t we are the heros of our time have to do.

böser nachbar download watch That was over 10 years ago.

destroyed jeans selber machen anleitung check But, I feel the tides are changing again. TV watchers were taken by storm with images that little girls didn’t have to play with pink if they didn’t want to, when the GoldieBlox commercial showed these girls taking to the streets to throw their wagons full of pink into outer space. These girls were future engineers, thanks to GoldieBlox, and now everyone would know it, as this commercial premiered on the world stage during the Super Bowl. Huge statement.

flowers by ida view What’s almost more promising is the way in which other commercials are following suit. Like that GE commercial with the kids saying, “My mom? She makes underwater fans that are powered by the moon. My mom makes airplane engines that can talk.” These statements serve as even further evidence that women are powerfully involved in society’s advancement (something we’ve known for a long time). These statements are being made by one of the most prominent companies through one of the most ubiquitous media sources.

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tu va me manquer yt Or maybe you saw on our Facebook page last week the Cover Girl commercial shattering the argument that “girls can’t [fill in the blank]. Well, quite frankly, they can. And they do.

excel wichtigste funktionen watch These commercials are so much more than the products they are advertising. They are a statement. They are an inspiration. They serve as permission to the young girls watching that they candy neige ep 10 can do whatever they want and be whoever they want to be. It’s the permission that I was lucky enough to get from my parents while I was growing up, but many girls around me didn’t.

code klesia dads And now, when you see a commercial with a woman walking into the kitchen to help her child with homework and she’s wearing a business suit, hopefully more of us will notice.

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