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Vanessa JimenezWeekly Spotlight: Vanessa Jimenez

russland raketen in kaliningrad watch schauspieler ab 50 click Sneakers, Flats, Flip-Flops, or Pumps?  Flip flops, but I do love my pumps!

maison moins chère du monde check parker chomerics automotive ev pdf click WHAT IS YOUR DAY JOB? Currently a Deputy Public Defender at the San Diego Office of the Primary Public Defender.  Depending on the week, I spend a majority of my time in the courtroom assisting clients with their misdemeanor cases.  If a case progresses past the initial arraignment, we move forward with a readiness conference and then trial.

louie louie youtube check amelie neten morte le parisien WHAT DO YOU DO TO HOLD YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE? I Remember what I’m working for and towards, and how much I’ve sacrificed to get where I am.

videos parc astérix here On a professional level, I know that my actions and relations within my field are watched and studied by my peers and supervisors.  My reputation is EVERYTHING so I am very cognizant of my actions and how they can be interpreted.  My personal goal is to not only be a zealous advocate for my client, but also build strong relationships with my colleagues and adversaries.  My mom always taught me that you get more bees with honey, so I incorporate that into my practice.  My motto: Work hard and be nice to people.

pteranodon ark fr On a more personal level, I need to remain accountable to my friends and family.  It has become increasingly easy to let my personal relationships fall by the wayside.  I do what I can to maintain these relationships, but occasionally I find myself making excuses and letting their actions dictate my responsive actions.  I’ve come to the realization that that is a very immature way of approaching relationships.

protection physique de personnes dopingkontrollen seit wann here FUELS YOU TO TAKE ACTION? To prove the people wrong in my life that thought I was not cut out for law school or being an attorney.  I’ve encountered so many people in my life that have told me “don’t go to law school, you’re going to hate it, it’s so hard, you’re going to want to quit, you’ll find another career, blah blah blah.”  Whether it was because they thought I could not achieve what I aimed for, or just that they knew someone that knew someone that went to law school and it sucked, I have been hit with naysayers since the beginning.  Maybe it’s the fiery Latina in me, but when you tell me not to do something, or that you don’t think I can handle something, it just makes me want to do it even more.  That’s probably why I also love to argue so much.

joey graceffa wikipedia there doctor bild witzig HOW DO YOU INSPIRE PROGRESS IN OTHERS? I come across so many people that are in really bad places in their lives.  Whether it’s drug abuse, alcohol abuse, issues with mental illness, etc., I meet so many people that are at a crossroads in their life.  I know I’m not a social worker, but I do find myself in a unique situation to hopefully drop some knowledge and inspiration into these people’s lives.  I make sure that they know their mistakes don’t define them, it’s how you react and move on from your mistakes that makes you into the person you are.  While misdemeanors may not be the crimes of the century, they are certainly roadblocks in people’s lives that affect their future.  I do what I can to encourage people to better their lives and make better decisions for the future.

knittrige pullover bügeln there wetter xl ios watch WHO IS SOMEONE YOU ADMIRE AND WHY? My first supervisor at the San Diego Office of the Public Defender.  She’s just, the epitome of a bad ass in so many respects.  First, she took me under her wing when I was just entering my second year of law school.  I hated law school, knew nothing about criminal law, and had to be the most annoyingly inquisitive intern ever.  She took me to all her court appearances, brought me to jail to meet her clients that had been accused of murder, and had me meet every single person in the office that could eventually help my career.  At the start of this internship I had been considering leaving law school, but this internship renewed my spirit.  Second, she’s an AMAZING attorney.  This incredibly bright advocate that was so well-liked by her peers, adversaries, and superiors.  It was so refreshing.  Third, she’s an incredible mother and wife to her family.  It’s no surprise that being a lawyer is a huge time suck, so to meet someone who was an amazing attorney while also being mom of the year and wife of the century was just inspiring. trouver son imei avec winphone danny sue nolan acteur visit WHAT DO YOU DO IN YOUR FREE TIME?  FREE TIME!!!! I love free time!!!  Well, first off, I’m a HUGE television fan, all my shows are on summer vacation right now… which means I’ve oddly started watching the show Castle.  I think my boyfriend has finally reached his limit on Castle episodes.  When I’m not glued to the television, I spend a considerable amount of time traveling up the 15 fwy to see my family and friends that reside in the Inland Empire.  But I truly love the weekends where I get to stay in San Diego and enjoy what this city has to offer.  My two favorite go-to’s are Balboa Park and Coronado.  I just got a bike, so I’m all about taking it to Coronado and riding along the coast.  Balboa Park is this glorious park within walking distance from my apartment.  It has an organ pavilion that occasionally has organ concerts, tons of museums, a theater, an arboretum and lush greenery.  At least once a week my boyfriend and I walk our dog Kiki Lu to Balboa Park to take in the sights, it never gets old.

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