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I am a stay at home working mama! I am blessed with both worlds. I get to stay home with our 2 boys, Nico 6yrs, and Brody who is 3yrs, and still run my Etsy store Tutulicious Boutique from my office. And 2x a week I run a boot camp for mamas, but we are currently on a break. It’s a perfect balance for me and my family. pret quand on est interdit bancaire problème ajustement capot de ford mustang WHAT DO YOU DO TO HOLD YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE?
I make a to-do list, and then check things off as a go. Without this I may be lost daily. I also set goals, and try and meet every one of them. This is huge for me, because I hate to start things, and not complete them.

que signifie stg link donnat photographe limoux WHAT FUELS YOU TO TAKE ACTION?
The end result! Nothing fuels the fire like accomplishments, big or small.

logischer fehler gefährliches quiz flèches notre temps force 3 HOW DO YOU INSPIRE PROGRESS IN OTHERS?
I try and lead by example. Although I am far from perfect, I hope I can inspire others and change their lives, even if its in a tiny way. I always tell people to “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

résultats big challenge 2017 eurolines bus contact WHAT IS A RECENT ACCOMPLISH YOU’RE PROUD OF?
Last January I ran my very first half marathon. Never ever in my life did I think I could run 13.1 miles without dying. I have always been athletic, but running has never been my strong point. I always ditched the dreadful “mile run” in PE in high school. Setting this as goal was huge to finish. I had tears of joy that I finished it, and tears of joy that my training was over!!! bien à l hôtel außerordentliche kündigung muster here WHO IS SOMEONE YOU ADMIRE AND WHY?
I admire my Dad. He left him home in his teens, spent time traveling trains, landed in Texas, found a job and put himself through high school. Since his early twenties he has been an entrepreneur, and to this day continues with his own business in Orange County. He’s a loving Dad, Grandpa, and successful business man all wrapped into one. design firms in delhi  

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