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Weekly Spotlight: Morgan Hutchison

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werden disputationen nicht bestanden link WHAT’S YOUR DAY JOB? WHAT DO YOU SPEND YOUR FREE TIME DOING?
I am a 6th grade teacher at Benjamin Franklin Charter School. Outside of that, I most enjoy spending my time with my wonderful husband and our 3 amazing boys Mathew (11), Nate (8), and Ryan (almost 2). We love to be outside, especially poolside or at the lake. I am a passionate Oakland Raiders fan and the NFL Network is always on in the background. Music is also an important part of my day. fruits avec pectine WHAT DO YOU DO TO HOLD YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE?
Student progress is a reflection of my myself and the value I place on my work.  Every day I understand more the significance of what I do each day.  Teaching is not just about a paycheck.  What teachers do can positively or negatively affect lives.  With that in mind, I hold myself accountable because I will live with the knowledge that my dedication to my work will either make the world a better place or not.  If I fail, I also have to live with the knowledge that I let someone down who was relying on me.  I choose to do my best to limit my regrets and live positively, knowing I have given it my best. hanna vom scheidt willich WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR MOST INFLUENTIAL LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCES?
As a teacher, I am a leader everyday, not only leading instruction in the classroom, but also by encouraging the growth and development on the kids I teach. Being a leader means more than just being in charge – it’s developing potential and leadership in those around you. stämme p server DO YOU HAVE A MENTOR?
My mom, Coco, is absolutely my mentor, both personally and professionally. She is a hard worker and loving person. She has taught to believe in myself and to always put myself in other people’s shoes before acting. Over the years, our relationship has become more than mother-daughter, she is my best friend. nachfolgemodell von skoda yeti TELL US ABOUT A GAME CHANGING, INFLUENTIAL MOMENT IN YOUR LIFE.
In 2006, I beat cancer. There are so many emotions and connotations that come with that statement, but at the end of the day, I’ve come to realize the importance of enjoying the simple things in life; live every moment to the fullest and to take a minute to reflect each day.

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