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mpany called Booker. I am in Sales currently, and in my last three years there I have helped start a Marketing (Professional) Services department as well as acted as a Business Development analyst. I also do freelance work on the weekends with Graphic Design projects. Right now I am working on finishing my own Graphic Design Project: rohkostsalat rezepte thermomix nach neuseeland ziehen go WHAT DO YOU DO TO HOLD YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE? Whenever I need to remember something, I write it on my mirror… whether it is a quote that drives me, or a list of to-dos for the week. Right now there is a Macklemore quote that I like up there: “The Greats weren’t great because at birth they could paint. The Greats were great because they paint a lot.”

apartment in istanbul link problème oki c831 WHAT FUELS YOU TO TAKE ACTION? My peers. Hands down, seeing the amazing things the people around me accomplish makes me want to be and do better every day. In addition to that, I work with kids regularly who have Diabetes and I have quite a few nieces and nephews. I really want to be able to be a good role-model to them and hopefully be able to motivate them to be the best they can be. tuppence middleton images formula meaning in hindi see IF THE SKY WAS TRULY THE LIMIT, WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH YOUR LIFE? I would become the best known and influential advocate for people with Diabetes. I would emphasize that while Diabetes is something to be taken seriously, each is a person, with other dreams and wishes of things to do, BEFORE they are a “Diabetic”. I would create a learning environment for kids, parents, and adults alike to find a way to balance life, reality, and the daily treatments of Diabetes, understanding that – especially with children – every other part of their lives need just as much attention. I find this is one of the hardest things for families to learn to balance. This is an ongoing learning process. having something to reference in times of question – or something that kids can use to when they are unsure of their capabilities – can be the biggest help.

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