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I am a P.E. teacher for Pre-K through 2nd grade, and I am also a soccer coach for high school and club level.

tatami academy saison 2 streaming link rätsel physik mechanik click What do you do to hold yourself accountable?:
I hold myself accountable by always being timely. I also always try to be prepared for each lesson or practice I teach. I think it would do an injustice to my students and my players if I didn’t come prepared each day to improve a skill or just improve their attitude and character for the better. anaheim university sports grab kerzenhalter aus polen watch What fuels you to take action?:
My desire to be a positive influence or inspire the youth. I want to make a difference in their life, whether that means to be a good role model, help them master a certain skill, or help them grow up and develop good character. I want my students to look back and say I changed something in their life for the better. club ffpjp pyrenee orientales welcher preis gilt kasse oder auszeichnung How do you inspire progress in others?:
I inspire progress in others by leading by example. I am a quiet leader and I believe sometimes just doing your job and having a positive attitude can be the best way to inspire progress in others. The students I teach are so young and so observant that they watch my every move. If I lead by example, I believe most of my students will follow. I can inspire the ones who don’t with my enthusiasm and actions. der netzwerkpfad wurde nicht gefunden starben mit 27 If the sky was truly the limit, what would you do with your life?:
I do not believe that anything is impossible to reach. Each day, you have a choice to make every day your masterpiece. I know there is an ultimate goal that everyone wants to reach, like being the head of a company or being extremely successful. But is important we don’t forget to live in the moment and take each day as a day to reach your highest potential. Each day is a brand new start.

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It’s hard for me to just pick one person I admire, and I don’t believe you can just pick one. I admire so many people in my life, who have made me who I am today. I could say my college coach, my parents, my brother and sister, my best friend, or my grandparents. Each of them have made an influence in my life, and made me the woman I am today. I am someone who strives to always overachieve each day, to make someone’s day a little better with just a smile, or to be just a good example for someone. I admire everyone who is, or has been, part of my life.

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