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Katie McKenzieCurrent location: San Diego, CA

NSYNC, BSB, B2M or NKOTB?: No contest: Boyz II Men

What’s your day job?
I am a marketing communications specialist for a small technology company. I’ve been with them for almost four years and my role mostly consists of coordinating trade shows, video production, website and social media updates, and project management. Working for a start up is always really exciting and getting in on the ground floor has given me the opportunity to be involved with all aspects of marketing and figure out what my strengths are.

How do you hold yourself accountable?
This will sound ridiculously simple, but making lists is the easiest way I hold myself accountable. I always know exactly what’s expected, which tasks are my priorities for the day, and there’s an awesome sense of accomplishment when I can cross off each item. Another tip that I think is really crucial for accountability is talking about it. Tell your family, friends, etc. so that when you’re lacking motivation (it happens to the best of us), someone is there to give you that push and support you in achieving your goal.

What fuels you to take action?
I’m a very goal-driven person, so my best days are when I’ve successfully tackled a project at work or got that work out in that I had been dreading. Accomplishing little things like that on a daily basis give me the confidence and motivation to stay consistent and eventually, those little actions lead you to your goal. “The Slight Edge” is a great book about how a little, daily effort, compounded over time, will inevitably lead to success.

How do you inspire progress in others?
The best thing we can all do to inspire others, in my opinion, is to lead by example. You can talk about your goals, dreams, ambitions all day long, but when you start DOING something about it, that’s where the real inspiration is. I’ve always admired people who fearlessly go after what they want and if I can motivate even just one other person to do the same, I’m happy with that.

What is a recent accomplishment you’re proud of?
This may not sound like an accomplishment, but I recently decided to go after something that is both exciting and terrifying: becoming an entrepreneur. When you’re starting your own business, there are a ton of hurdles, but I’ve never been so excited to work tirelessly for this vision. In the past, I’ve always let fear and insecurity deter me from going after what I want, so the simple act of deciding that this dream is worth pursuing and not looking back is something I’m really proud of.

You’re sitting in an airplane between a woman in a suit and a man who looks like he’s the lead singer of a rock band. Who do you talk to and why?
Can I talk to both of them? For a lot of people, I think there’s this misconception that in order to be successful you have to work, work, work and there’s no room for fun. It’s really important to me to make room for both. I’d love to chat with the businesswoman about her success and who wouldn’t want to chat up a potential rockstar? I bet his job doesn’t feel like work at all and isn’t that everyone’s dream?


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