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For the last year, I worked at Mosaic – a talent management and Film/TV production company that is leading the way in comedy in the entertainment industry. I was an assistant to Jimmy Miller – talent manager/producer/owner/boss man. His clients are mostly unknown up and comers like Will Ferrell, Jim Carrey, Judd Apatow, etc. facebook pdf download As of this week, I’m starting a NEW job at Funny or Die, where I hope my jokes will be steadfast enough to keep me alive. I’ll be working directly for Mike Farah, the president of production who oversees film, television and web content. The goal is to be producing content within the first year.

absägen einer dachlatten bitte die rechnung spanisch How do you hold yourself accountable?
I hold myself accountable by sharing goals and dreams with the people around me. I also make lists like it’s my job. For me, the act of physically writing something down makes it a permanent “to-do” in my life. Once bound to the ink on the paper, I can’t rest until it’s checked off. It’s always important to start with the small things like “Wash your hands!” which ultimately build to the bigger goals, such as “Take a shower!”. In all seriousness, written and verbal goals are essential to my accountability and sense of purpose.

traduction finalement anglais urdu chut kahani What fuels you to take action?
On a daily basis, it’s my written to-do lists. Every check mark is like a little gold star! Setting goals every day and constantly accomplishing things makes me hungry to continue the process.

bestraft werden englisch But overall, I’m fueled to take action because I’m ferociously competitive and generally just want to be the best at things. Personal accomplishments are definitely life’s fuel. However, I’m also very team-oriented and empathetic. So when I’m on a TEAM of people who produces success or achieves a goal, it generates an unparalleled “high-on-life” feeling and the desire to keep pushing forward. eure kandidaten und kandidatinnen leiter auf dach How do you inspire progress in others?
I believe mentorship is one of the most important processes of human interaction. In every aspect of my life and career, I find myself reaching out to the rookies of that field and taking them under my wing. Whether it’s a film set, soccer team, or interns at my company, I make it a point to pull people into responsibility and push them out of their comfort zone. It’s not just about teaching/explaining, but about leading by example and practicing what you preach. And the most essential part of the process is the follow-up: you get them on the path, keep the bumpers on standby if they ever start to stray, and then praise and celebrate when they hit milestones.

soirée sur lyon view o bareuzai dijon Who is someone you admire and why?
I admire my dad more than anyone. He’s an incredibly intelligent and calculated risk-taker in his career path. His mind is brilliant and entrepreneurial, and no matter what he dives into, he manages to find success and rise to the top. He has had tough failures as well, but it never deters him from confidently forging ahead, creating a new path or opportunity if necessary.

grande rumba de manitas en em My dad has always pushed me to do better, to be the strongest voice in the room, to have unwavering confidence in myself and my abilities. He encourages me to dream big, think practically, act logically.

kitzbüheler anzeiger immobilien ouvrant droit pluriel What do you do in your free time? Assuming you have free time!
I work long and crazy hours, but I always try to keep my weekends clear for athletic activities. I play as many sports and games as possible – whether it is football, volleyball, soccer, dodgeball, etc. Healthy competition keeps my head clear and focused and helps me reset for the week.

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