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Weekly Spotlight: Jessica Cabral

Jessica CabralSneakers, Flats, Flip-Flops, or Pumps?

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WHAT IS YOUR DAY JOB? cours pilates plaisance du touch I am an Emergency Services Clinician.


sicherheitsplatten für spielplatz I always do my best to hold myself responsible for my actions. I know we all make mistakes and I prefer to own mine and address them.

hector des ardens seigneur de fontenay I also try my best not to make excuses; I have found that good things happen when I face them head on, even if I am a little scared at first.


dongsan 1873 rifle Many things fuel me to take action. I simply try to follow my heart and take action for the things that are most important to me in the moment. I also try to focus on taking care of myself too; We can help ‘save the world’ if we are employing a little self care too.

HOW DO YOU INSPIRE PROGRESS IN OTHERS? untersuche den kultisten von boethia I do my best to offer words of encouragement and point out the things that others are doing well. Often times, we tend to focus on the negative, so it is helpful when other point what we have done well. And when I can, I always offer my help if someone needs it.

TELL US ABOUT A GAME-CHANGING MOMENT IN YOUR LIFE? g20 fahrrad cd Joining and completing 2 years of service in the Peace Corps was one of the most influential moments in my life. During my time in Tanzania, I learned just how strong and capable I am and now when I face challenges, I know that I can do anything!


beruf erzieher steckbrief I love climbing mountains, kayaking, hiking, camping, hot yoga, backpacking, rock climbing, swimming, and travelling the world.  I really enjoy just about anything outdoors, especially when I get far enough out that I don’t have cell phone reception 🙂

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