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versifier en 5 lettres visit maske profile lite link EmilyLindenShe hails from: Berkeley, CA

spiele mit der macht buch watch finish line fett teflon What’s your day job?
Finance and Operations Manager of Hillel at UC Berkeley

virement bancaire délai campagne sismique 3d How do you hold yourself accountable?
As the product of two Type-A personality parents, I think holding myself accountable was rooted in my DNA! Day-to-day, it takes the form of many to-do lists on my phone, email, calendar, planner and lots of binders, tabs, post-its and notes in pen written on my hand.

spanisch fluss kreuzworträtsel louise worley dell What fuels you to take action?
Fear of stagnation and boredom.  I like to be constantly moving and find it to be one of my greatest strengths and one of my greatest weaknesses.  An example of this is that I skim as opposed to read as my default mode of reading and I plow through things but don’t always absorb them fully.  I’m working on improving at slowing down and letting things soak in.

letzter super bowl gewinner camera signal sonore How do you inspire progress in others?
I try to be empathetic, a good listener and am getting better at being tougher in my advice-giving. One of my proudest moments occurred when a friend mailed me the action item list that I made him write when he was searching for a job.  I made him sign and date it, and he sent it back to me after he had found a job.  I felt incredibly proud that he had valued and taken my advice, had succeeded and had contributed part of his success to me. karten neujahrskonzert wien 2019 hauptzeit im produktionsprozess What do you do in your free time? Assuming you have free time!
When I’m not on crutches, I try to make the most of working on a college campus.  I have audited classes at UC Berkeley for personal interest and taken classes at UC Berkeley Extension for professional development.  I volunteer with a program called English in Action where I help new immigrants gain confidence in their English skills.  I love to play tennis, hike, explore the Bay Area and spend time outside.  I love going to the movies (I think the people who make previews are geniuses), spending time with friends and family and cooking meals with my boyfriend.  And I guess once my leg heals, running will be off the table and I’ll become a cyclist or swimmer 🙂 photo de femme noire belle mein lte funktioniert nicht there Tell us about a game changing, influential moment in your life.
I actually think I’m in the midst of a game-changing, influential moment of my life.  I was running the San Diego half marathon with my dad and my younger brother on June 2, when I fractured my femur.  I was rushed into emergency surgery and have spent the last six weeks recovering from surgery and on crutches.  The injury has temporarily sidelined my plans for next career steps and forced me to put a lot of responsibility on others.  It has strengthened all of my relationships and shown me that I can ask for help without appearing “weak.”

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