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cicatrice indurée définition boiler stack material click CocoLewisHails from: Fremont, CA

tiger wc rollenhalter ball pvt ltd visit BSB, NKOTB, NSYNC or B2M?: Led Zeppelin! trotz allem englisch fingernägel komplett lackiert What’s your day job?:
I have been a residential real estate broker for the past 36 years.

erste suchmaschine internet click therian saga dressage What do you do to hold yourself accountable?:
I surround myself with a small number of people who are vested in my success.  The team of professionals who work with me help to keep me on track and focused on the appropriate tasks at hand.  Their livelihood, as well as mine, depends on my continued ability to get up each morning and provide the best service possible to our real estate clients.  In addition, I have a few colleagues who I meet with regularly and we have, over the years, developed a wonderful support system for each other.  As a result, I never feel like I’m on a high wire without a net.

suicidal tendencies wiki brésil rio 94% solution What fuels you to take action?:
Passion.  I think it’s the key element that fuels us to take action.  Without it, we are simply passengers, but, with it, we are drivers.  I think it’s absolutely critical to find a career that you truly love, that you can be passionate about.  It’s that passion that fuels you to go the extra mile, prompts you to think outside the box and motivates you to take risks.  Ultimately, it’s the passion that helps you be the best you can be.

couronne sur le quad tgb 1000 watch french youtubers univers How do you inspire progress in others?:
I think, as women, we have a fundamental responsibility to inspire progress in others.  It’s who we are by nature and it’s what we do as mothers, sisters, and friends. We must make sure that we offer praise when a job is well done, provide advice and guidance when someone is in doubt and, most importantly, share the tricks of our trades, so that others can climb as high as possible.  It is in the mentoring and nurturing of others that we get so much back in return.

truhenbank garten lidl appartement lac de garde check If the sky was truly the limit, what would you do with your life?:
If the sky was the limit (and time was, too), I would go back to school and get a medical degree, so that I could work in third world countries and offer free services to the thousands of men, women and children who have no access to health care.  Health … feeling good … is such a gift and lays the foundation for launching us to be the best we can be.

trouver raison de vivre enlever vibration touche nokia lumia Who is someone you admire and why?:
I have long admired one of the most prominent men in Egypt’s history, Anwar Sadat.  He was President from 1970 until 1981 (when he was assassinated) and won the Noble Peace Prize for his efforts to make peace with Israel.  I remember distinctly in 1977 when he boarded a plane in Egypt and headed to Israel, the first Arab to ever officially make that trip.  At his own peril, he disembarked from that plane in Israel so he could talk, face-to-face, with Israel’s Prime Minister.  It was a striking act of courage and a statement about his commitment to ending war in the Middle East.

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