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Carly FoersterWeekly Spotlight: Carly Foerster différence entre full hd et hd ready estado novo brésil Sneakers, Flats, Flip-Flops, or Pumps? Can I add “cleats” to this list? I’m a softball player at heart and love to “dig in” with a fiery passion to achieve my goals!

kindheit steve jobs see dichte von stahl WHAT IS YOUR DAY JOB? Just finished a two-year term as a Collegiate Leadership Consultant for Gamma Phi Beta International Sorority and moved to Portland, OR searching for a new adventure and career! Currently networking in the PDX area, volunteering for various organizations, and searching for a position in the athletic/sporting goods industry.

comment utiliser mp3 gain link résidence eolia poitiers check WHAT DO YOU DO TO HOLD YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE? By nature I am a go-getter and have found that I best hold myself accountable by being as active and involved in every organization I can. I thrive on the energy these organizations provide and through this continue to stay motivated in all aspects of my life. I continually set “SMART” Goals and work to achieve these in a timely manner, celebrating each and every achievement along the way!

wie gross fahrradgroessen und tabellen bewegtes land kunstfest weimar go WHAT FUELS YOU TO TAKE ACTION? My personal drive derives from a fiercely competitive nature (with myself), always pushing to be better, faster, stronger than the day before. Through this drive, I strive to be a positive female role model to young women, drawing on the amazing experiences I’ve had with my own mentors and role models through life.

grand rex concert see kleinen deutz mit kabine kaufen see HOW DO YOU INSPIRE PROGRESS IN OTHERS? My style is to lead by example in a positive and innovative environment. I aim to “model the way” and seek to identify the key strengths in others around me. By spotlighting these strengths and encouraging each individual to shine to their brightest, we can truly inspire progress! scénario de vente face a face unklarer genese dd WHAT IS A RECENT ACCOMPLISHMENT YOU ARE PROUD OF? I find myself most proud when I see the amazing accomplishments and achievements of young women I have had the privilege of mentoring through life. It is an incredible feeling to know that you, even in some small way, have been able to affect positive change in someone’s life.

menu ig phase offensive camp kite surf maurice TELL US ABOUT A GAME CHANGING, INFLUENTIAL MOMENT IN YOUR LIFE: I’ll reach back to my childhood for this one, my first true encounter with the “girls aren’t as (fast/strong/smart)” fallacy. Setting the stage: kindergarten, lunch time, surrounded by classmates when an argument breaks out…

chancen anhörung pakistan “Girls aren’t as fast as boys!” says the naïve young boy.

lage landhaus stein bad wiessee check “I could beat you easy,” says the strong, confident young girl.

essaie fiat 500c 2017 link Needless to say, following a pivotal win for the girls in a 4×4 race, a powerful respect was born in both teams that day, and the young girl set out on a lifelong journey to disprove the “girls aren’t” myth, striving to inspire progress wherever she may go.

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One thought on “vincent black shadow Weekly Spotlight: Carly Foerster

  • August 19, 2014 at 12:38 pm
    Permalink wissen anwenden 9001 Carly, you inspire me. You are such a rare treasure the way you always seek to lift others up along your road, in such a way that they see their own light and potential. Your inner drive to always be better today than you were yesterday, every day, is what great leaders are made of. Lucky is the company or organization that gets to have you on their team, because you will make everyone there around you better just by being you. Your greatness lies in your innate drive to be better, coupled with a wisdom and humility that makes you so approachable that you inspire others to be their best.
    I am a member of the “Girls can to” belief, like you, and I have so loved watching and hearing about the ways that you have encouraged other women (and men, too) to reach for the sky… in your job, on your teams, in your friendships and in your family. You are a one of a kind gift to the world. I know first hand. Like I said…you inspire me.


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