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menu ig phase offensive go licenciement conventionnel a 55 ans WHAT’S YOUR DAY JOB? I am a Collegiate Leadership Consultant for Gamma Phi Beta International Sorority.

molly drug wiki click ministerio de justicia sede electronica WHAT DO YOU DO TO HOLD YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE? Lots and lots of To-Do Lists. If it’s written down, if I have that visual reminder that I hold that expectation of myself, then it’s much more likely to get done. The promises I make to myself that remain mental and not visual are the ones I forget about when I get too busy.

kochen wuppertal persisch eingebranntes im topf entfernen WHAT FUELS YOU TO TAKE ACTION? I set goals for myself, long-term and short-term, and somehow that is enough for me to take action. I have an odd worry that I will not complete all that I hope to complete in my life, and that slight anxiety is a constant fuel to make sure that each day is as productive as possible.

émotion hybrid easygo jet amerikaner fastfood vorurteil view HOW DO YOU INSPIRE PROGRESS IN OTHERS? My favorite way is to ask them what they expect of themselves. In my current job, I can’t force anyone to take action – the women I work with have all taken their positions voluntarily, and nothing besides their own accountability is compelling them to stay. Therefore, I try to start with the question: “What is it that you hope to accomplish?” Once I can get them to address their goals, it becomes less about me getting them to want progress and more about them wanting it for themselves.

chuck taylor all star ii shield canvas check showcase paris programmation TELL US ABOUT A GAME CHANGING MOMENT IN YOUR LIFE: Fourth grade. I witnessed two boys and a girl playing ‘HORSE’ and one of the boys missed and the other boy said to him, “You shoot like a girl.” I went home and wrote an essay about why that was wrong, read it to my class, and heard crickets in response. I think that was my moment where I realized that things weren’t the way I wanted them to be.

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