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As we enter the final month of 2013, I can’t help but begin to reflect, as most do at this time of year. Another year is coming to a close and I find myself thinking a lot harder these days about how I’ve spent my time. Did I accomplish what I hoped to? Did you?

I’m a big believer in a good, collective reflection of the past year before setting new goals. So, I’ve committed to journaling every day for the month of December. My plan is to revisit the things I’ve accomplished and get clear on the things I hope to accomplish. I want to form my ideal, big picture for 2014. Then, when January rolls around, I can tackle small, manageable goals to make that picture a reality.

Let’s make this a December challenge for our entire AinA community. I hope all of you will join me.

If you’re in need of inspiration, I’ve pulled some of my favorite videos. They touch on how we spend our time. Are you really making the most of it?

Video 1: Jelly Beans

Video 2: This is Water

Ready to reflect? Like I said, I’m journaling my reflections and ambitions. Pen to paper. Old school style. If that’s not your thing, here are a couple of other options:

1. OmmWriter. If you’d rather type your thoughts out and visit them later, this program is my favorite. It’s free and creates a perfectly zen, desktop writing space.

2. Vision Board. As a visual person, I swear by these. Create a 2013/2014 board with pictures, quotes, your own words…whatever will help you create a visual representation of where you’re at in 2013, and where you’d like to be over the next year. Let it serve as daily inspiration to achieve your goals.

3. Talk to your ally. If you don’t have one yet, you can sign up here. This is the foundation of AinA and having another person to help you stick to your goals can be one of the most powerful tools to accomplish them. Write your 2014 goals out on our worksheet and let your ally help you stay accountable.

Check in with the community on our Facebook page. Share your lessons from 2013 and your goals for the New Year.

We’re in this together. Let’s make 2014 our best year yet.