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The two working-woman rules you should always follow ecole design marseille Have you ever been laid off from a job? If so, you know the sickening feeling that manifests in your stomach when you realize you’ve been left high and dry. grey el james pdf français It’s the worst. Let me tell you a story.

immer noch nicht englisch here Last Monday, a friend of mine was laid off from his job. It was out of left field and a true blow to the ego that can only happen when you’ve loyally worked there for six years. That same day, he spent hours rewriting his resume and cover letter. He applied for another job that evening. On Tuesday, he was informed he landed an interview. The next day, he was chatting with the hiring manager. By Friday, he received an email notifying him that he landed the job… and got a raise. sorrel athina jardine Talk about a roller coaster of a week. However, I was reminded of a two cardinal rules of adult life that should be followed: ancienne coopérative russe snowboard pas cher 1. Always update your resume.

wann kommt welcher zahn It’s simple, really. Keep a living document on your computer desktop that allows you to tweak and add information about new projects you’ve completed, additional volunteer opportunities you’ve accepted, or even just to update your mailing address.

lapeyre portail alu battant Keeping an updated resume will not only provide the ability for you to pass it on in a timely manner when necessary, but it will help you relive some of the projects you’ve done in effort to answer some of those difficult interview questions:

  • Tell me about a recent accomplishment you’re proud of.
  • Tell me about how you juggle multiple projects.
  • Tell me about a time when you failed.

charollois immobilier macon click macomer alfred streaming 2. Network, network, network.

douche ado youtube The reason my friend had such a quick turnaround between being laid off, interviewed, and hired is because he had already networked with the people in the new company he applied to. They knew not only that he did good work, but that they could trust him. satellitenschüssel ausrichten signalstärke The Accountable in Action network is a great place to start. Not only do you have an immediate in with them, but you have something in common. Also, it’s an opportunity have other talented women review your resume and cover letters. It never hurts to ask, and you can always return the favor.

verlust der brille versichern go You never know you might get laid off, when you’ll see a better opportunity, or when you’ll want to network with someone and they’ll need your resume. If your resume is out of date, it’s useless to everyone. If you haven’t made personal connections with the people you want to work with, the likelihood of you being selected over someone they do know is slim. freundschaft brief deutsch So, update your resume, extend your network, and stay on top of it. You got this!

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