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systeme numerique et electronique click EarlybirdIn last weeks blog post, I highlighted why having a mentor is crucial to progressing in your career. But, even when both genders have mentors, men are still getting more promotions than women. And, men often have stronger professional networks than women. Men start networking and developing relationships earlier than women. sunup stylez dresden Developing a strong relationship with a sponsor is one way for women to change this. k of copper What is a sponsor, anyway? Mentorship and sponsorship are two different things, but are equally important. In last week’s blog, I mentioned that mentorship is the pairing of two individuals in which the mentor is experienced in areas the mentee wishes to develop. Sponsorship, on the other hand, is when someone serves as an advocate and uses his or her influence to position the protege for future roles. A sponsor will speak up for you when you’re not in the room.

sacrée fleur restaurant go Unlike a mentor, a sponsor is not someone you would approach for guidance or emotional support. Instead, he or she should serve primarily as an advocate for promising opportunities.

cirque asnières sur seine watch Why would someone want to sponsor a more junior colleague? Well, a senior leader might want to do so because it may give him or her more visibility with the other senior leaders. The sponsor often holds themselves accountable for your success. When you succeed, they succeed.

polizei sv oldenburg These relationships take time and are worth developing. To be identified as a protege and to develop a relationship with a sponsor, it’s crucial that you are identified as someone who is trustworthy and hard-working. It’s best if you bring value to the sponsor’s role by providing a different perspective and skill-set. Undoubtedly, sponsorship must be earned.

rubin ohrringe mit brillanten How can having a sponsor help women develop stronger professional networks and identify better opportunities? Sponsors often tell their proteges about open opportunities. A sponsor will help you make connections to senior leaders, provide access to different opportunities, connect you with different people and promote you to others in the company.

salaire brut horaire Start developing these relationships early in your careers and at your employer. The early bird catches the promotion.

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