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carte fréquence sncf It all started at a launch party. A magazine was promoting their December issue by presenting the “Top 10 Bachelors of Orange County.” Ever the single girl, I grabbed my friends, threw on my favorite little black dress, and off we went to meet these bachelors.

drague dam antigoon Cut to a few hours into the party when I’m being waived over by a friend who happens to be standing next to the only bachelor I found attractive. It was one of those moments where I see her waiving at me, but I check over my shoulder in that “who me?” fashion. Yes, she meant me. With my champagne courage, I headed towards them for the introduction.

richard p fedchenko My friend introduced us really subtly. “You’re both into fitness. I think there’s a love connection here.”

priester singt ave maria visit I have no poker face. When I’m embarrassed, my face turns bright red and I could feel it happening as my friend dropped the L-word and then ditched me to get a drink. THAT’S how you introduce us? Thanks, friend.

heritage déclaration impôt link  Now, I’m face-to-face with my bachelor and we’re smiling into a somewhat awkward silence while we wait for the other person to start talking. I start with the only topic I know we have in common, fitness. He owns his own gym and, at the time, I was easing my way into the industry. allison moorer a soft place to fall At some point in the conversation, he started talking about how he needed more staff at his gym. In effort to be adorable, I smiled, put my hands under my chin and said, “Need a trainer?” In my head, what I really wanted to know was whether or not he needed a girlfriend. autos orhan asal While talking about how I could break in to the industry, I tried to work in all of the qualities I had that he might like in a girlfriend. It was a relatively brief conversation, but I mentally patted myself on the back for being charming. The moment of truth came when his friends, who were ready to leave, interrupted us. Would he ask for my number? Give me his? And just as I was mustering up the courage to tell him I’d love to chat more sometime, he took out a card, pressed it into my hand and said, “We should talk more.” Ugh. I hate when the ball is in my court. Now I have to come up with some perfectly crafted text. chaudement applaudi synonyme  The next evening, I sit down with my phone and begin running through multiple drafts. It takes me a good half hour of typing and deleting to come up with the most generic message possible. “Hey, it’s Katie, from the launch party. It was great chatting with you for a little bit. Would love to grab a drink sometime!” Simple. To the point. Golden. My finger hovers over the send button for a few extra seconds while I throw up a silent prayer. I’m thinking I’m definitely going to get a response. habiter aux marquises And I do.

emplacement régulateur zx6r see It’s a bounce-back message from Verizon telling me that the number from his card is a landline. Who still uses landlines?!?

échelle sevrage alcool Five minutes later and I’m redrafting my message to the email address on his card. I hit send and then call as many friends that will answer the phone to tell them the latest. Then I wait. And by wait, I mean I refresh my email every hour for the next day until, boom, his response hits my inbox.

kinderwarenbasar markt schwaben link “Hey Katie. It was really nice meeting you too. I’ve been thinking about your wanting to be in the fitness industry and I think we should talk. Let me know when you’re free to stop by the gym.”

changement rib sfr Ummmm what? I asked him out for drinks and he wants to offer me a job? This was not how I saw this playing out, but I’m a firm believer in everything happening for a reason. So, I respond and eventually, we schedule a time to talk at his gym.

tony garnier lyon programme see He starts our meeting wanting to “just get something out of the way.” Great. “You’re really cute,” he says, “but I’m more interested in a professional, working relationship.” Thanks for just ripping that Bandaid off, dude. I immediately switch gears. No more romance, no more flirting. He just shut that door (slammed it, really) and opened a window to a potentially big step into my future career.

bébés et enfants cheveux roux To make an already long story a little shorter, he offers me a three-step process with the end goal being that I’m a paid, full time trainer at his gym, the type of opportunity I’d been trying to find for months. I’d start as an unpaid intern, then move into an apprenticeship and finally, be brought on as a certified trainer. texas charm fiche cheval If I couldn’t get a date from this guy, this was the next best thing. I was going to get to learn under someone who had been in the industry since he was 14. This was gold for someone like me, who was basically at square one of a new career path. AinA has talked before about how important mentors and allies are and I had found one who was going to guide me into this career and then give me a job at the end of it.  It was the perfect scenario.

carlos guevara moreno Today, I’m a 27-year-old intern, about to apprentice under a master at his craft. We’re 3 months into our work relationship and I couldn’t be happier. echte abgaswert golf 7 gtd So, why did I tell you all of this? The point of the story is this: Opportunity can present itself in the most unlikely of places. The best thing we can do is stay open to all possibilities and pay attention to potential. It may take a shift in thinking, or swallowing of pride, but it will be worth it if it’s a step toward creating the life you want for yourself and following a passion.

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