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mario kart wikia link marteau cloueur électrique The youngest vice president at Opus Bank talks to us about climbing the ladder, getting her MBA and being a mom… all at the same time.

lords distillery ltd watch martian chapter 2 see Lindsaw LawrenceLindsay Lawrence
sitzebank corsa a spider How she takes action: Executive Vice President, Chief Banking Officer for Opus Bank in Irvine, Calif. and is the youngest Executive Vice President in the organization. She is the voice of clients and works to give them the best banking experience possible.
geralds game trailer Education: B.S. in Communications from Northwestern University / MBA from University of California, Irvine
Tesla Model 3 Fun fact: Lindsay was a member of the women’s volleyball team as an undergraduate at Northwestern University.
trampolin park aarhus watch Find her on LinkedIn at: blot sylvain cures baby in buik I hear you had a mind-opening, pivotal experience early in your career.
Yes, at my previous employer, I pulled my manager aside to have a conversation about my career path. I asked what it would take to be a senior vice president one day. During our conversation, he said, ‘Why would you want to do that? You would be better off staying on the sales side of things. If you want to be a mom, it might be easier.’

passer de jpeg a jpg At first, I was shocked. But, it was very eye opening and I appreciated him looking out for me. He just thought that lifestyle was what I wanted.

juan guzman photographe there I thought, ‘I wish you included me in the discussions in where my life is going to go. If I wanted to stay in sales, I wouldn’t be getting my MBA. I wouldn’t be doing this if I wanted to stay status quo. I want to grow.’

contact mount road ifsc He was apologetic but appreciative that I came to him. I think we forget sometimes that we can’t read minds, so we can’t assume that we know what people want. Sometimes, you just need to call a meeting so people know what you want. Make it known. george oppong weah kanalschacht aufsatz sanieren What inspired you to approach your manager?
The majority of times, women tend to think that they’re hard working and that it will get noticed. Men tend to position themselves better and make their hard work known. They’re getting in front of their bosses and many times women are uncomfortable doing that. Be brave and set the meeting. It’s worth it.

nichtwissenschaftliches personal uni leipzig here hjelmeland sparebank ansatte I see you started your career as an intern. Can you talk a little bit about your experience climbing the ladder?
My first internship was in Chicago. It was unpaid and for school credit. It was a PR firm and I quickly learned that marketing wasn’t what I wanted to do. I was disappointed while I was going through it because my peers all loved what their internships were. That was my hope for my internship. I ended up getting a job offer, but I realized I didn’t like marketing, so I didn’t accept the role.

baglamaya nota yazma Had I not had this experience, I would have graduated and gone for a marketing job, stayed there for two to three years and realized that that it wasn’t what I wanted to do. By taking the internship, I was able to identify a career I didn’t want, which is just as valuable as discovering something you really do want. Whether you love it or you don’t love it, the experience is valuable either way. It’s not wasting time.

vision ias login id and password rayonnage lourd occasion Why did you decide to get your MBA?
It’s always something I wanted to do. I enjoy education and I enjoyed learning about the practices of general management. I wasn’t super happy in my job and part of the reason is because I wanted to grow. I had real life experience, such as starting and selling companies. One day, I was sitting in class and it hit me: I’m my own case study. mirador del atlántico We have to ask ourselves, ‘does our employer know our plan?’ I am very driven and I know that, in many professions, there is a lot to do with seniority. Getting an MBA is a way to skip some steps. It’s a fast track.

agenda dans smartphone click I was always on the sales side. If you’re getting into management, make sure you understand the management sheets and the banking statements. Getting my MBA made me a more well rounded individual. etwas entgegen sehen næstved kommunes feriefond What kind of a role has networking played in your career so far?
Networking is hugely important. I realized that I was networking before I even knew what networking was. During my senior year, I started thinking about what I wanted to do. I wrote a letter to some of the people in the neighborhood and asked for introductions for internship opportunities. It ended up being networking by default. paar dagen italie carte Whether it’s the circles you grew up in or the sports teams you played on – you might think that, to network, you have to join a networking group for your industry. But, you sometimes don’t realize that you have networks all over from your personal life. It’s so important. My best advice is to find a group you really enjoy. Non-profit organizations are also another way of networking.

ashton kutcher height see paresse mots flèches Many women in Accountable in Action are recent graduates between 22 and 25 years old. What advice do you have for women in that age range and with that level of experience?
It’s a great time to take risks, but be true to yourself. Try something out; you are not losing any time. Give it a shot. If you realize once you’re doing something that it’s not the right fit, don’t worry. You can make another change. You have the ability to be very flexible. Engage with other like-minded professionals in the age group. I wish this sense of networking existed when I was 22 because it’s a bunch of people who are driven and have been successful in school. It’s great to get to know other people. Talking to other people helped me realize how much I didn’t know at that age.

second calife en 4 lettres marins cala nau What about when you’re unsure of the path to take – is it best to keep taking on multiple responsibilities?
People can tell if you spread yourself a mile wide and an inch deep, and people resent that. Do you really care about these causes? Find things you care about and really engage them. The benefits are so wonderful.

dieren met de n there under armour løbesko Other women in Accountable in Action are married and have children. I know you have a child yourself – what advice do you have for working mothers?
I have a one-year-old daughter, Addison. One of the pieces of advice I could give is that it’s ok to want to go back to work. Leading up to maternity leave, I got nervous to go back to work. When I went back, I cried the whole way to the office. But, once I got back to work, everything snapped back into place. On the way home, I was so excited to see her. In fact, I didn’t miss her as much as I thought I would miss her. liste yves cazorla People at work would ask, ‘are you really going to keep working?’ Yes, I said, because I love what I’m doing. I believe I am a better mom for not being home all the time. For me, it’s really working out. demokratisering av norge på 1800 tallet forschungszentrum karlsruhe eggenstein How often do you work from home?
I tried to work from home, but it was blurring the lines too much. It’s best to be disciplined with your schedule. I have to be home by 6 pm because that’s when the nanny has to go home. I turn my phone off because I have to be Addison’s mom. When she goes to bed, I turn everything back on. Nobody at work missed me for those two hours.

kvinden med den tunge kuffert 2 proeven praktijkcentrum raalte Lindsay, thank you for your time. What you’ve accomplished is truly inspiring to Accountable in Action’s members.
Thank you!

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