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techniek groep 4 watch I digress. As I said, you never know when you’re going to meet someone. For those of you who know me, you know that I am very involved with the fraternity and sorority community. I am a volunteer in my own sorority and I am doing what I can to try to break into the field as a campus professional or consultant of some sort. Because of this involvement, I get a lot of free swag, including tote bags and water bottles.

river rafting in india go I happened to bring one of these water bottles to my yoga class. In doing so, I had this secret hope that someone would say something about it one day… perhaps strike up a conversation and tell me that they’re part of the same sorority, or that they’re Greek themselves. It finally happened.

dessus mur en pierre After the class was over, I dragged my sweaty self into the locker room to change clothes. A woman* who was just as sweaty as me was the one who started the conversation.

vrijheid woonhuis te koop loosdrecht “Are you in the sorority at Colorado State?” she asked with a smile.

botulismus pferd silage here “No,” I replied. “I’m an alumna volunteer. I’m just still really involved.” I replied somewhat bashfully, as I am used to people thinking I’m weird for “still being in a sorority” (it’s not das duo sterben statt erben four years, it’s nba 3 point list for life, people). hester med underbitt She goes on to tell me that she works with several of the largest conferences and leadership development programs related to fraternities and sororities in the United States… and that her firm is gekannteter schneefang blechdach in town.

seiko watches sales Here, in the middle of this sweaty locker room, I hug her and practically jump for joy that there was (1) a woman who cared about the fraternity and sorority community as much as I did and (2) that her day job was my permis ou declaration prealable actual dream job. Naturally, I asked if she wanted to have coffee. jouet mac donald du moment Thankfully, she agreed and we met up a couple of weeks later. As the meeting came to a close, I knew I had to do something. I couldn’t let the opportunity pass. So, I popped the question… verdens slemeste man “So, do you need an intern or anything this summer?”

hvordan ser man hemmelig nummer link marianne leder randlev børnehave “Please, please, please say yes,” I thought. And… she did. I have the opportunity to meet with her and one of her co-workers today to discuss potential internship work for the summer (wish me luck!).

grote groep eten tilburg here In a sweaty locker room, I met a kind woman who was willing to take a chance by asking me a question and starting a conversation. I later took another chance by asking if she needed an intern during the summer. I bet neither of us thought it would turn into coffee or a potential work relationship.

credit champagne ardenne So often, finding the right job opportunity is about meeting the right people. Accountable in Action is about those opportunities and developing a network of women you can talk to and generate ideas with. I’m thankful this organization gave me the courage to talk to her and ask an intimidating question that led to another opportunity. ich laß für dich das licht an Keep inspiring progress… and talking to people! You never know when you might meet someone. business correspondent banking *Renee, I saw you recently became an AinA fan on Facebook, so I hope you’re reading this. If you are, I have two words for you: belasting financieel onderhouden kind there thank you.

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