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smell after sneezing For all you legit and wannabe sports player athletes out there, here’s a quote for you:

husk at like og subscribe “I run slower than Internet Explorer on ‘90s dial-up… but I run.”

centrale leroy merlin lezennes snowI saw that quote on a Tumblr post the other day. It’s quite appropriate to my life not only in running, but in generally most of the things that I do. mary douglas souillure Like a slow cooker stew on a snowy day, most good things take time. cool art snake I knew I wanted to go to graduate school. It took me three years post-undergrad to figure that out, but I needed some self-exploration time to truly know what I wanted to study. Once I decided upon the programs and the schools, I had to take the GRE. Then, I had to apply, and then I had to wait. I had to wait for a decision that would completely shift the trajectory of life as I knew it.

großes krankenhaus delmenhorst there Would they like me? Did my personal statement sound smart? Were my GRE scores good enough? etterforskningen i politiet 2013 Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Then, I got an email.

refaire terrasse extérieure “We regret to inform you…”

jouet mac donald du moment there Rejection. What a stab to the ego. After pouring my heart and soul into a personal statement and studying for a standardized test I thought was going to eat me alive, I was turned down. But, I had one more school I needed to hear from. bokhandleren i kabul handling Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. A month later, I received more news. The phone rang. A cheery voice was on the other end. I had hope. hvorfor drikker man af studenterhuen He congratulated me on being admitted and informed me that I would receive a full teaching assistantship to pay for my education. It was my opportunity to join a cohort of 11 other people who would continue to make a positive impact in academia. I accepted.

aufnahmen mit vlc visit The news arrived slower than Internet Explorer on ‘90s dial-up, but it came. And it was good.

verdens slemeste man Now that I’m here, I expected to learn everything immediately. I expected to know the fine details of an area of study that spans the course of hundreds of years. Nope… I had to wait. I had to be patient with myself while I read the material, wrote the papers, and took the tests. That waiting and perseverance has been frustrating to the core at times, but the path I continue to pursue has been worth it.

hvordan ser man hemmelig nummer Good things come to those who wait. Well… I don’t really believe that. Good things might come to those who wait, but they don’t come to those who don’t do anything at all. It takes being assertive, resilient, and dedicated in the face of waiting and rejection in order to be successful. marianne leder randlev børnehave So, what are you working on? Are you frustrated that it’s not working out how you wanted, or not happening fast enough? Have you allowed enough time and have you been patient with yourself through the process? Whatever it is, know that you’ve got support here in AinA and the resources to make sure you don’t give up. Success is progress, not perfection. grote groep eten tilburg I’m off to enjoy that slow cooker stew on this snowy Colorado day. Keep inspiring progress.

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