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pagailles a versailles link Today, we bring to you a good old-fashioned inspirational message.  Those who accomplish great feats do so because, against all odds and with their back against the wall, there is always at least one thing that they can do to make their situation better. veulettes sur mer casino This is never more apparent than at the Paralympic Games (which, if you didn’t know are taking place right now).  The Paralympics take place at the same venue as the Olympic Games, a month after competition ends for the Olympics.  This world-wide competition welcomes elite athletes from six main disability categories and is run in identical fashion to the Olympics.  The Paralympics are about elite sport performance, where athletes go through a stringent qualification process so that the best, or highest-qualified based on performance, can compete at the Games.  These athletes are incredible, inspiring human beings.  I can’t get through fifteen minutes of watching them in their pursuits for greatness without feeling myself choke back a few tears.  Their stories are moving and motivational, and they set the bar for what inspirational is.  They have taken action and promoted optimism in times of personal strife.  They are proof that obstacles are often put in front of us to test our convictions, to see how badly we want to fight for something better.  These athletes possess something inside them that is superior to circumstance, and if their stories don’t inspire you, then I don’t know what will.

couche droite intraversable 11x38 cm Here are a few of the many athletes who have defied all odds and come out on top.

basket jordan usa tension khan academy Tatyana McFadden was born with spina bifida and was paralyzed below the waist. She spent her first seven years of life in a Russian orphanage where she did not have a wheelchair and walked around on her hands until she was adopted by an American woman.  When she was adopted, she was given three to four months to live.  She has turned those three months into three gold medals at the 2012 London Paralympic games, three silvers at the 2008 Beijing games and a handful of other bronze medals.  McFadden is one of the most decorated wheelchair track and field athletes, but that wasn’t good enough for her.  Now, she is competing in wheelchair Nordic skiing in Sochi.  Check out her athletic profile for Sochi and watch what a normal day looks like for Tatyana. calicéo lyon promo kivara tatha movie traitement dco charbon actif Oksana Masters was born in Ukraine with multiple radiation-induced birth defects resulting in different leg lengths, missing bones in her lower legs, webbed fingers, no thumbs, and six toes on each foot; all as a result from the Chernobyl nuclear reactor incident.  She was abandoned by her birth parents at a Ukrainian orphanage.  After her seventh birthday, Oksana was adopted and moved to the US in 1997.  Eventually, both of Oksana’s legs were amputated above the knee, losing her left leg at age nine and her right leg at age fourteen. She now competes in Olympic rowing and is team USA’s greatest hope in Paralympic Nordic Skiing.  Read Oksana’s profile here. cheval style vendôme In Sochi, the U.S. team has no shortage of moving stories.  More than 20% of the 80-person roster is made up of weiße box horn military members. After being injured in battle these men and women are getting a second chance to represent the U.S.  balai adapté pour enlever poils de chien Rico Roman is one of these brave athletes, and here is his story. docteur pem pontarlier These athletes do not allow themselves to be defined by what they cannot do.  They are only defined by what they can do.  I hope that this moved you and that you have taken a little inspiration from these amazing human beings as I have.  Here’s to inspiring progress! gasleitung verlegen vorschriften More on the U.S. Paralympic team here.

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