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siren serie tv view Let’s go over the big news from last week:

  • Kim and Kanye chose a name for their newborn: North West (stop laughing)
  • Instagram added video to its repertoire
  • LeBron James’ head got even bigger
  • And, perhaps the most exciting event of last week: riday was the first day of summer!

booter clé usb Summer

ejendomsmægler home århus sum·mer (noun): The warmest season of the year, in the northern hemisphere from June to August and in the southern hemisphere from December to February. Or: the season of iced coffee, jorts, and bad tan lines. Ahhh, leather seats in my car so hot you give me first degree burns, we meet again.

avantages livebox 4 Also on the agenda: the likelihood that our days at work will include decreased productivity because we’d rather be anywhere but behind our computer screens. A recent study of 600 white collar North American workers in 14 major metro areas showed that workplace productivity drops 20 percent during the summer months. Attendance decreases by 19 percent, projects take 13 percent more time to complete and workers are 45 percent more distracted. hod report online Good golly, miss Mollie. And we’re still getting paid for this? To be fair, constant work does not always equal maximum productivity. Even Obama gets to go on vacation, so it’s probably OK that we take a few days off.

digitalur med analog skive But, don’t let your brain escape to the Bahamas before you’re physically able to do so. Summer is a great time to get ahead at work because you’re likely less slammed than during the other seasons. And, let’s face it: most people ARE checked out. What would happen if you were the one who wasn’t?

role in sharepoint You might get a gold star. Praise from your boss. Maybe even a promotion. Use the extra time, if you have it, to play with innovation. Be away from your desk because you’re networking and talking to new people, not because you checked out for the day. koop onder voorbehoud financiering  Here is more food for thought on how to make the summer months work for you: risico kans impact jødenes hellige bok here Plan your play time
All work and no play makes Suzie a tired, unmotivated and generally overworked girl. Being diligent in respecting your play time and your work time is important. Stick to the time you’ve set aside for vacation and don’t skimp on productivity when it’s not vacation time. Stick to the schedule and reward yourself later.

seufz auf englisch commune rurale cherche médecin Break up with your phone
And your computer. And your iPad. And anything with a screen. At least for a little while. Get out and talk to people. See what they’re working on, make new friends and maintain existing friendships. Make productive use of your “down time” by building new relationships.

wie groß werden bkh go personlig pronomen oppgaver Read a book
Considering you and your electronic devices are taking a break, you might need something else to make you feel busy. Make a list of books you want to read during the year and set aside some time in the summer sun (with sunscreen, of course) to make a dent in your reading list. No excuses: read like a champ. conduite actuelle saverne If you’re not working, still have this frame of mind, but just apply it to determining your next step. These four golden months are the time we’ve been asking for all year. Use it, abuse it, enjoy it. It’s summer: get wild (or productive), whichever you prefer. industrial revolution factory setup  

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