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If I knew then what I know now: working/student-mom edition.

haltestelle bus 154 münchen In the last few weeks, we’ve heard some amazing pieces of advice from both Sarah Barton, who shared with us her insightful blog, If I knew then what I know now; and the ever-inspiring Shana Makos, who honed in on that same strategy for her grad school version.

rabais remise ristourne accordé see In almost every season of our lives, we find ourselves thinking at some point, “Gosh, I wish I had an instruction manual for this part.” Never have those words felt truer to me than throughout this last year as a new mom. Learning to balance that new adventure with my concurrent full-time student, part-time employee identity has been a series of trial and errors. In hindsight, these are the lessons that have shaped that experience: geld orange tabletten depression fliegt ryanair nach kroatien Flexibility is key. I love to read. And when I say read, I mean lock myself away with a book for hours until I’ve had the chance to really invest in the story, regardless of if it’s a book for pleasure or a collection of research articles for my thesis. But, with a child in tow, there aren’t any of blocks of hours available (with the exception of between 1 to 5 am, which is rightfully spent sleeping). My studies now make up a half hour here, 45 minutes there, and that’s if the baby goes down for a nap. Learning to be okay with this change was hard for me, but has made my life so much more manageable.

serie espagnol isabel goldregen kaufen bei ebay check You can’t do it all. And you don’t need to. The hours are allocated differently these days. Between changing diapers, playing at the park, writing a thesis, and putting hours in at work, it’s hard to find time to squeeze in a shower. And what about making dinner and cleaning the toilets – both necessities for healthy living? The truth is, you can’t get it ALL done every day and still keep your sanity. So, don’t try to. Understand your priorities, know that there will be late nights trying to meet deadlines, and get comfortable with that fact that the tidiness of your living room doesn’t define you. I promise you can pick it up later.

spielhaus garten ebay see anwalt für medizinrecht Love how you spend your free time. When you have a free schedule, you can fill those hours with whatever you so choose: yoga, reading, spending time with friends. And you can try something new if you’d like. But when the hours become few and far between, you instinctively fall back to filling that time with what is consistent in your life. Finding time to exercise can be difficult when you’re balancing a baby in one arm and a textbook in the other. But when that baby goes down for a nap, how do you spend the time? It’s probably not exercising if that wasn’t part of your life before. shree hanuman chalisa topfbänder einstellen datenblatt Give yourself a chance. I completely support working moms. In fact, I KNOW that I am a better mom because I have academic and work-related pursuits outside the home. But one of the greatest lessons I’ve learned thus far is that if you’re going to be pursuing something outside the home, you sure as heck better love it. It has to be worth the time away from a family you love with your whole heart. So start now. Don’t put up with a job because “there’s nothing better,” “you don’t have time or money to change,” or “you don’t know what you want to do.” Give yourself a chance to find something. It may take months or even years, but those years of yours are worth far more than any benefit you’re currently receiving in a job you don’t like.

gangschalthebel suzuki sv 650 s bj 2002 We can all learn from each other what works for us and what doesn’t, and maybe even pick up a few tips or tricks that we’ve learned along the way. Please share yours so that, together, we can be better versions of ourselves. marcus vs julien tellouck  

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