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smell after sneezing see Congratulations.  You are now part of 7% of the world that has a college degree.  Pretty cool, right?  So, why are you freaking out? I asked this question to a friend of mine over the weekend.  Her response?  “I don’t have a job yet, I’m moving back home, and I feel like all of my friends are already ahead of me.” slik fjernes nakkestoetter fra bmw Ouch.  This got me thinking about that feeling I had right after graduation again.  I had a “if I knew then what I know now” moment. Since my own graduation, I have grown older and, I’d like to think, a bit wiser too.  I’m going to drop some of that wisdom now and hopefully it will help a few of you college grads exhale. google webshop tema 1) I have yet to meet someone who walked right into their final destination dream job the Monday after graduation.  If you are one of the few who already knows exactly where you want to end up, remain calm and be patient.  You’re taking the steps you need to, and you’ll get there.

an und verkauf blankenburg view 2) Networking can be a scary word.  Don’t let it intimidate you.  You socialized like a BOSS in college, so keep doing that.  Only… exchange some pumps and a blazer for your flip-flops and party-tank, and don’t pre-game it.  For many of you, networking will be the key to your livelihood over the next, I don’t know, rest of your life.

husk at like og subscribe 3) Don’t fall out of your chosen industry because the “dream job” you had hoped for did not culminate as quickly as you had anticipated.  The first five years after college are crucial to the resiliency and success in the workplace.  Stick with it.

centrale leroy merlin lezennes watch 4)   If you can move home for a bit and save some money, DO IT.  Saving money is a responsible thing that grown-ups do.  You have nothing to prove here… just don’t let yourself become Matthew McConaughey in Failure to Launch status.

mary douglas souillure check 5) Nobody owes you anything.  Just because you graduated doesn’t mean you deserve that huge salary and a corner office.  The C-suite will not be served to you on a silver platter.  Your college degree is your ticket to enter the career world and allows you to work your butt off to go after that dream job you see yourself having.

cool art snake here 6)  STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO YOUR FRIENDS!!!  You all have different paths, different pasts, and different goals.  Be true to you and don’t fall into this trap großes krankenhaus delmenhorst 7) Treat everyone as if he or she was going to be the one interviewing you for your first/next job, and let people know your career aspirations.  You never know who could be listening.

etterforskningen i politiet 2013 8) When you are feeling beat up by that first job, or lack thereof, take a look at the progress you are making and acknowledge it.  Maybe you don’t have that job yet, but if you are putting yourself out there, every interview you go on gets you on interview closer to landing that job.  Be kind to yourself and remain calm. refaire terrasse extérieure 9)  The first five years after college are crucial to the resiliency and success in the workplace.  Don’t let one boss who resembles Stalin detour your plan.  They are a bump in the road. Not all workplaces have a Donald Sterling at the helm. lisa markham rellik 10)  Work hard and be nice to people.  This will take you places.  I promise.

körpernahes unterstützen bei der pflege click The best way to combat any of these speed bumps that can get I’m the way of your success is to take action. Take advantage of networking opportunities through Accountable in Action by joining our Accountability program, and attending our social networking events!

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