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The Issue:

The moment one walks across the stage to accept a diploma at college graduation, the level to which that individual is held accountable drastically decreases. This is especially true for women. For a variety of reasons, women often become disengaged in the work force and lose sight of goals and ambitions crafted during college years.

Goal setting, social capital and the unwavering pursuit of excellence are crucial for women to progress and achieve in the workplace.

What We’re Doing:

BusinessPeopleSilhouetteWoman165x165Accountable in Action is a peer network for women to pursue personal excellence, cultivate leadership and discover career potential. The vision of this organization is to inspire the continual pursuit of career aspirations. Through our Accountability Ally program, we’re creating a network of peers with similar drive, helping women pursue excellence through the powerful tool of accountability. Acquisition of social capital and accountability can have a profound effect on a person’s ability to succeed. Knowing that others are invested in your endeavors can be just what one needs to get through an adverse situation or an exhausting day.

Together, we want to stop women from being an underrepresented group in leadership positions in the workplace.

How It Works:

BusinessSilhouetteWomenThrough monthly social gatherings and the Accountability Ally program, the women in Accountable in Action will develop purposeful, dynamic relationships to build a sense of community and hold one another accountable for making on progress of self-set career goals. It is a social network of like-minded women pursuing their professional aspirations.

Events currently take place monthly in Orange County; however, you can request to have an event in your area as well. Monthly events provide the opportunity for like-minded women to connect and increase their social capital in a casual atmosphere.

Setting manageable goals and regularly evaluating progress is crucial the pursuit of success. And we can do it together.


Join the Movement