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57% of undergraduate degrees and 60% of master’s degrees are awarded to women, comprising the majority of graduates walking across the stage from undergrad or master’s programs in the US. And even though women comprise over half of the U.S. workforce, an overwhelming amount of statistics indicate the dismal presence of women in decisions-making positions in government, law, and business, reinforcing the need for women to come together to encourage and persist toward career aspirations.

  • Only 17 of 195 heads of state are women
  • A mere 21 of Fortune 500 CEO’s are women
  • 18% of our elected congressional officials are women
  • 77 cents on the dollar compared to men in 2011
  • Men are promoted based on potential and women are promoted based on past accomplishments.
  • Women are four times less likely to negotiate salary than men.

The statistics might be stacked against us, but there is hope. New studies report that women outnumber men as managers in fields like human resources, health administration and education -– perhaps stemming from reports that many businesses have seen a direct financial impact from hiring women. This doesn’t have to be industry specific. With support and encouragement from other women like you, you can meet your goals and career aspirations in whatever industry you desire.

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