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système alarme habitation You might be a feminist if: you celebrated Mother’s Day yesterday.

zehn monate altes baby schläft schlecht visit In case you missed the copious amounts of mom-recognition posts on Facebook, yesterday was Mother’s Day. Whether your mom is still around or not, it’s undeniable how great an influence one woman (maybe it’s your grandmother, aunt, step-mom, mentor) can have on shaping your life.

montgomery alabama alabama to phoenix watch What does Mother’s Day have to do with feminism? First things first: you don’t have to be a man hating, bra burning amazonian who takes estrogen shots for fun to be a feminist. Feminism is the belief that everyone deserves equality. Bottom line: it’s about being a good, decent person

examen par ultrasons Mother’s Day is an attempt to breed equality through recognition. We’re supposed to credit the women who have made us good, decent people. It is a celebration of their influence, care and devotion. On Mother’s Day, we exert special effort to make sure the women in our lives feel equal and appreciated. jesus après jesus gérard mordillat Where did this holiday come from, anyway? According to the Huffington Post: umso desto oder desto umso “In May 1907, Anna Jarvis, a member of a Methodist congregation in Grafton, West Virginia, passed out 500 white carnations in church to commemorate the life of her mother. One year later, the same Methodist church created a special service to honor mothers. Many organizations lobbied Congress to make Mother’s Day a national holiday and, in 1914, Democratic President Woodrow Wilson signed Mother’s Day into law. Thus began the modern celebration of Mother’s Day in the United States.”

farbe tundra braun See? Moms are so important that even the leader of the free world wanted to recognize them. Feminism, and Mother’s Day, is about acknowledging a woman’s hard work. The second Sunday in May is actually an ode to feminism. It’s the one day of the year dedicated to the women who have raised us, shaped our values and enriched our souls.

phuket town vie nocturne there I lost my mother at an early age. Let me be the first to say that Mother’s Day does not serve only as an opportunity to recognize the woman who raised you. On Mother’s Day, I honor all of the women who have transformed my life in one way or another. Here’s to my friends’ moms, my mentors at work, and Lady Gaga (on most days).

traum sigmund freud Every day is an opportunity to recognize the women who have helped us get to where we are today. Yesterday just happened to be the Hallmark Holiday for it. So, if you didn’t “celebrate” yesterday, take a moment to think of the women in your life who have helped you. Then, take it a step further and actually let them know about it. This recognition is free and often more valuable than the standard bouquet of roses. fallen heaven windows 10 reconfigurations de capital de la société Save a bra, burn a stereotype. Thank the influential women in your life for making you a feminist.

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