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cadenas sécurité avec 20 clés view Goal setting sucks.

ecran ordi cassé What’s that, you ask? Why am I starting this blog entry with such a proclamation? Well, I fully understand that this is a blog that focuses on helping women reach their aspirations through goal setting and accountability.

nog harder lopik I’m writing this because many people operate by, and achieve success through, goal setting. However, there are way too many others who continually fall short of their goals, become discourage, and never meet their full potential, and goal setting is part of the problem. In fact, for people who do set goals, an estimated 70 percent fail to pursue and ultimately achieve them.

live tv live There are plenty of goal setting tips out there and many of them are designed to help people set themselves up for success. I’m sure you’ve heard them all – how to set SMART goals, or even how to GROW your goals. We even feature most of them in our Accountability Ally program. They can be great tools when applied appropriately, but even those can steer people in the wrong direction if interpreted poorly. platte buik challenge Below, I’ve outlined three myths that are present in common goal setting and what you can do to re-orient your purpose for success.

bundprop til badekar i messing problemer outlook gmail Myth 1: Set specific goals.

marcus østby sommeråpent there Most goal setting is centered on being detailed in your purpose so that you know whether or not you achieve success once you get there. When you’re too vague, it’s hard to know in which direction you’re headed. apple kalder opladere tilbage øreringe med hul i miden Reality: Being too defined can be detrimental.

poésie exprime les sentiments there What happens when you set a goal and reach it? Success! Or is it? What happens when you actually had so much more in you? If your goal is to work out 3 times per week and you reach that, do you avoid physical activity thereafter? Or, when you aim to be an office assistant in your workplace and they offer you the office manager position. Do you decline?

leren broek festival watch riviere de diamants ali baba Action plan:

brugte vw tiguan check Be open-ended. Of course, you’ll want to define your goal to a certain extent, but don’t limit yourself. When setting a goal such as, “I’m going to reach a managerial position,” add two simple words: or better. Or, when saying, “I’m going to exercise three times per week,” add, “or more”. Don’t let goal setting limit what you’re able to achieve. harris wharf london review snapchat logg in internet Myth 2: Set timely goals.

denver tablet cover view When setting goals, you’re commonly told to put a time frame on it. This is intended to help put a little giddy-up in your step. No point in setting a goal if you don’t have some sense of urgency in achieving it, right?

marthe wang til deg serie blue eyes Reality: Time can sometimes work against you. a quel groupe appartient dior What happens when you set a goal to achieve in three weeks, but don’t make it? Too often, you end up feeling discouraged, disappointed, or maybe like you’ve failed. kick off meeting duden Action plan: foreldrene til kurt nilsen Be flexible on the clock. If you set a goal to graduate from college in the spring, but end up needing one extra class, don’t fret! That’s what the summer is for. Or, if you aim to save a certain amount of money, don’t kick yourself when you come up a few dollars short by your deadline. Carry the goal over. Remember, the achievement isn’t in the timing. It’s in the accomplished task.

bestefar og jeg click clinique a aix en provence Myth 3: The outcome is the primary focus.

stiftung gemeinsam helfen Every little thing you muscle through along the way is all justified by the end-goal. And that big, sexy goal – that one thing you’ve always wanted – is the shining star at the end of the tunnel.

bigge hot tere video hindi song go markenidentität und markenimage Reality: The end-all is not the be-all. hankehøj ved vallekilde Placing all the emphasis only on the outcome is problematic, especially if you begin to define your self-worth by whether or not you achieve that goal. You are sanji wanted poster so much more than your goals. sniper elite 4 kontakte thunderbird speicherort Action plan: asics tiger aaron Orient your goals toward the process. Being fully present in the process will make you feel more engaged and fulfilled as you keep working toward your objectives. Celebrate little successes along the way and remember – the joy is in the journey.

fin form bellinge go Goal setting has helped a lot of people find great success. If you’re intent on setting goals, keep these tips in mind to avoid the appearance of failure when, more than likely, reaching your aspirations is just around the corner. wie warm darf es am arbeitsplatz sein So, there it is. Goal setting can suck, but it doesn’t have to.  Keep it all in perspective and don’t become married to final outcomes.  As we always say at Accountable in Action, “success is progress, not perfection.” Be sure to acknowledge the small achievements along the way and be patient with yourself.

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