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hajo schumacher lesungen see I can remember the summer of 1999. Dressed all in red, white, and blue, I was glued to my TV watching the US women’s national soccer team play in the World Cup finals. I, along with countless other little girls that summer, were inspired by the team that represented our country in my favorite game. I looked up to the women on the field and on the bench, filled with the overwhelming impression that I, too, could be a professional soccer player one day, and play the world’s best game at the world’s top level.  Those women were living proof that it was possible.

haken in powerpoint Now, I never did play professionally, nor did I come anywhere close, but just two weeks ago, as I watched the US women’s national team play in a friendly match against Brazil, the stands were filled with little girls, just like my 1999 self – dressed in our nation’s colors, cheering on the women who were empowering them to believe that anything is possible. I found myself thinking how grateful I am that those little girls have such phenomenal examples to look up to, as I once did.

verbandspäckchen din 13151 view So in honor of this week’s holiday, I find it necessary to take a moment to give thanks for all the women who have come before us and shown women and little girls across the globe that anything is possible.  Thank you to the Mia Hamms, the Sally Rides, the Susan B. Anthonys. Thank you to the Hillary Clintons and the Oprah Winfreys. Thank you to all the women who have forged a path for the next generation’s women and girls to follow, whether it be with a giant leap into space, a long stride on the soccer field, or even just a small step that any woman has taken toward their passion, in the face of the many adversities they undoubtedly encountered.  This Thanksgiving holiday, thank you to them. May we all be a little example of possibility. You never know what 14-year-old girl might be watching.

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