Become an Ally!

Accountable in Action is a peer network for women to pursue personal excellence, cultivate leadership and discover career potential. We  provide the tools and environment necessary to help women take action and control of their personal endeavors through the powerful tool of accountability.

Each member will have an opportunity to utilize the “Accountability Ally” program.

  • Become part of the Accountability Ally program and take advantage of a network of like-minded women.
  • Allies will now be organized into groups to help facilitate conversation, generate new ideas, and provide more voices to cheer you on toward success.
  • Groups will be accessible on Facebook to give you access to your support network on a familiar platform.
  • Quarterly themes will help guide goal setting and work-life balance. Themes such as personal finance, health & wellness, career development, and others will all receive attention.
  • Provide each other with check-ins and support during goal-setting and personal progress.
  • Utilize resources and templates from Accountable in Action to guide the process.

Accountability Ally Groups aid each other in defining personal strengths and areas of improvement, using face-to-face meet ups and online resources. Facilitators will be designated to help advance progress. Additionally, groups will be reassigned every six months to ensure that goals are staying top of mind, and to give members the opportunity to extend their network and circle of social support. Task lists and goal setting templates provided by the Accountable in Action organization will also be made available to all women in Ally Groups.

Want to become an Accountability Ally?

Become an Ally!