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vor der kaserne vor dem großen tor there santa gets killed here What does she do?: Aside from being an awesome mom to her two-year-old son Paxton? She’s the Public Relations Manager for Boost Mobile and manages all the public relations programs for the brand including product and service launches, sponsorships, events, advertising and more.

savner en kæreste city hunter korean drama I spoke to Danielle on the phone and she was able to share some helpful insight about landing an internship, starting a career and being a mom. Our conversation went a little something like this… new york mercer how to solve rubix cube easily visit AinA: Tell us more about your career. lening maximaal duo actualité au tchad here Danielle: I’ve worked at Boost Mobile for the past eight years. I’ve been there so long partly because I’ve been able to take on many different roles within the public relations department and grow as a professional. Within my tenure at Boost I’ve had the opportunity to manage a team of three people, travel across the country and challenge myself with new projects.

verdens mest uhyggelige slot kein ebay login  AinA: In today’s workforce, it’s not uncommon for someone age 30 or under to have held several jobs. What do you think when you see that on a resume?

smukkere end smuk lyrics go alicante airport parking Danielle: I think it is fine to have had multiple jobs as long as you have a good rational for each move and can articulate that during an interview.

such kühlschrank unter 100 euro rechts oben englisch AinA: Many recent graduates these days are jumping right into graduate school, some because they feel like they have no other options. What are your thoughts around earning a master’s degree? projet usine de lubrifiant combat des trente link Danielle: I don’t have a master’s degree, and personally don’t feel in my particular area of public relations I necessarily need one for what I’m doing. I do recognize though that, in some professions, you need certain degrees for advancement.

fremtidens kommuner eugene guribye If you want to pursue further education, I think that’s great – but, it needs to be something that really adds value to your career or that you are passionate about. You need to make sure you’re getting a master’s for the right reasons, not just because you’re right out of school and feel like you have no other options. For example, if I wanted to start my own business, an MBA might be really beneficial.

olympiaden 2018 program click haus kopersand juist link  AinA: What was your undergraduate experience like?

ginger hair color men watch amiens strasbourg foot l1 watch Danielle: I was really involved at Chapman and feel that it laid a foundation to help me get where I am today. I was involved in many activities at Chapman but would say my senior year I was most involved. Senior year I was the PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) president, president of Order of Omega (a Greek honor society) had an internship 20 hours a week and was the membership vice president for my sorority, Gamma Phi Beta. theater lass die sau raus discours gratuit départ en retraite AinA: You were an active member of your sorority as a student at Chapman. Should grads put their Greek Life experience on their resumes?

ampulle funnet cyanid 2018 talking heads david byrne Danielle: I am a big believer in putting your Greek activities on your resume, especially if you’re a young professional starting out. Skills you learn in any clubs, for that matter, translate into the real world, especially if you’re just starting out. School involvement shows that you’re well rounded and put yourself out there.

feier daimler hollies here received g 4 AinA: You had a 20-hour a week internship your senior year – tell us more about your internship and how you landed it.

ømt skamben gravid scotch egg recipe Danielle: I had several internships in college. I also did some temporary work to get extra money during the summer. My last internship I had was with the Orange County Transportation Authority. I found out about it because one of the hiring employees was a Gamma Phi Beta I knew from Chapman. I got hired for the internship and was fortunate that there was a full-time position available once I graduated.  It was a very humbling experience for me, as I wasn’t just handed the job like I thought I would be. I had to apply, get letters of recommendation, build a portfolio, etc. to show the hiring manager I was the right person for the job.  All my hard work and determination paid off and I landed the job. I worked at OCTA for nearly two years before I got hired at Boost. OCTA is a wonderful organization and was the perfect place for me to start my career.

deutschen server mieten buitenland aardrijkskunde antwoorden AinA: What’s the best way for recent grads to go about getting an internship or a job?

groennsjoeen i trysil link fichier script host introuvable Danielle: Networking is very important. I recommend getting involved in professional organizations, volunteer at a non-profit, get involved with your political party, etc. You never know who you will meet and what opportunity they might know about. I also think it is important to tailor your cover letter and resume to each job you are applying for. Once you’ve landed an interview you need to set yourself apart from the competition.  Be confident, professional and do your research so you are prepared.

ziel und inhalt einer kooperation Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help! Get a mentor or tap into the alumni association at your university. Every seasoned professional was a recent grad at one point and understand the challenges in finding a job or career path.  I try and speak at Chapman every year and always offer up my business cards to students to serve as a contact to review a resume and offer career advice but I hardly ever get contacted.  Don’t be shy; there are people out there that want to help!

AinA: Many grads aren’t able to land the exact job they want after graduation. What advice do you have for someone getting to the offer stages of their job search?

Danielle: It is important to be passionate about your career path and know that your first job out of college might not be your dream job but it will help lay a foundation for your career.  Learn from it, gain experience, and build your portfolio, which will only help your career path.

 AinA: What should someone be prepared with when they finally do make that outreach to an alumni or mentor for professional advice?

Danielle: They should know what they are looking to get out of the connection. Is it help with their resume, interview tips or advice on how to find a job? Whatever it may be, you should be prepared so you are being respectful of the professional’s time.

AinA: You’re a mom. I’ve got to ask about baby balance. How do you balance your time?

dr_40 (2)Danielle: I always knew I was going to be a working mom and it was important for me to work for a company that had a good work-life balance.  I am fortunate that have been with Boost for so long that I have been able to establish myself and build credibility with my manager and colleagues to have a little more flexibility in my schedule now that I am more of a seasoned professional.

I was able to get where I am by working hard and being very dedication to my job. In myearly twenties I traveled a great deal for work and worked long hours whi

ch was fine since I was still single. Once I got married and started a family I definitely try to keep a more normal work schedule because spending time with my son and husband is very important. Of course there are days when I have to work late or travel. During those times, I am so thankful for my husband as he is a very hands-on dad and shares the work at home with me. I know everything is getting taken care of when I am not there.

AinA: Any last words of advice?

Danielle: I can’t stress it enough – GET INVOLVED! There are so many things you can do outside a class room to help build a solid resume and portfolio. Keep networking; the more people you know, the better chances you have of finding a job. Lastly, at the end of the day you have to work hard to get ahead. Give 150 percent in all that you do and you will be successful.

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