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veroorzaken medicijnen staar Accountable in Action is an organization dedicated to helping women pursue personal excellence, cultivate leadership, and discover career potential. We are committed to equity across genders – in other words, we’re committed to being a feminist organization.

schilderij tot aan maan en terug In this commitment and pursuit, we see many organizations that engage man-hating campaigns. This is not what we’re all about. In order for there to be equity across genders, you have to start by not hating on one of them.

vriendinnen armband goud watch Thus, our call to action: take a moment to thank the men in your lives who have always been there to lend a helping hand, be a friend, an ally, and a collaborator. They are the ones who don’t laugh at the sexist joke during the party just because all of their friends do. They are our “manbassadors.”

bientraitance maltraitance malveillance A manbassador is a man who believes in diversity and the ability for every person to live up to his or her fullest potential.  It’s more than just a term used to describe men who do this. According to the Harvard Gazette, the Manbassadors organization was created in fall 2013 by the Women’s Student Association at Harvard to help men learn how they can become involved in women’s initiatives.

nachrichten aus karlsruhe It’s becoming such an important practice, in fact, that the MAKERS conference made the manbassadors story a platform to bring men into the conversation. Men and women must be on board together in order to create change. Several organizations, such as MAKERS and Forbes, have featured men they believe are pursuing progress for women in the workplace. over bite surgery india This type of organization or practice does not begin or end at Harvard or at the MAKERS conference. It is something each of us can do and support within our own communities. Regardless of our professional aspirations, spiritual affiliation, or upbringing, it is likely many of us have been exposed to strong male and female leaders. People of all genders can learn from and connect with each other. They can also work together to make sure their voices are being heard.

lege på rognan As a result of engaging our manbassadors during the pursuit of Accountable in Action’s mission, we hope to inspire more people and encourage them to deeply pursue pursue their own aspirations. Let this serve as a reminder that this should not be a men-versus-women kind of world. Instead, may we acknowledge the men and women who have helped us get farther than we were before.

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