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bibliothèque glacière ouverture horaire visit fireworksOK folks, break out the BBQ, sunscreen, and fireworks – Thursday is the 4TH OF JULY!

two shilling 1950 see In case you weren’t aware of the upcoming pseudo three day weekend, this Thursday is Independence Day for us folks in the United States. It’s the celebration of a country in which women have had the ability to be independent before Destiny’s Child made it popular. Bey, Kelly and Michelle just made it relevant for all the girls coming of age in the 2000s.

lakhdahari youssef rastatt What does it mean to you to be a woman living in the United States? When I was younger, I didn’t put much thought into what it meant to be an American. I didn’t realize the importance and great benefits that came with it.

gleich naheliegender zeitpunkt go To me, being an American woman means living in a country in which my ability to succeed is not determined by my skin color, age or gender. It means having the ability shatter the stereotype of traditional gender roles. It means opportunity.

pétrin ribeirou chalezeule Women in America can serve in combat in the military, be teachers, artists, mechanics or chefs. We are fortunate that our roles as women are not prescribed to us as there are in so many other countries. This, and positive role models such as Maya Angelou, Hillary Clinton, Condoleezza Rice, Sheryl Sandberg, and anyone in MAKERS is what makes our country great and strong today.

kleiner feigling bubble go What are you going to independently accomplish in your lifetime? What have you already done on your own that you’re truly proud of? How are you using your independence as motivation for a career change or boost? hallelujah song video Pick up a notebook and think about these questions. We’ve said this before, but writing down your thoughts and goals makes them more concrete and makes you more likely to actually pursue them. Get your ideas, passions and aspirations out of your head and make them reality. land lv abkürzung This July 4, dedicate just five percent more of the day to be thankful for what you may often take for granted. Use what you write down as motivation to reach the next step. When you’re done, “throw your hands up at me” and we’ll share it with the world.

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