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If I knew then what I know now hydrater cheveux aloe vera If I knew then what I know now. There’s no doubt that a college education provides us with a great foundation to take on the world with, but let’s face it, having a degree doesn’t guarantee you a top-level job

Expect Success

weignt of cedia see Expect Success At Accountable in Action, we’re all about supporting you in achieving your goals. Whether you’re aiming for a promotion or trying to save money for a new car, setting your sights on something and crafting a path toward

What’s in a name? Crafting your LinkedIn headline pulverisateur ideal orion In case you missed it, President Obama addressed the nation in a speech last Wednesday that detailed the plan for how we’re going to deal with ISIL, or ISIS, or IS… whatever you want to call them. As it turns

The difference between networking and having a network.

rikke gøransson wiki there The difference between networking and having a network. There’s a difference between networking and having a network. While both are highly valuable, knowing what separates the two can mean the difference between a one-time opportunity and years of meaningful connections

The two working-woman rules you should always follow sohn muss bh tragen The two working-woman rules you should always follow Have you ever been laid off from a job? If so, you know the sickening feeling that manifests in your stomach when you realize you’ve been left high and dry. It’s the

You are worth it.

problemen rabo internetbankieren You are worth it. “You are worth it.” That’s the message I heard loud and clear at a conference I attended last week. A women’s organization I am a proud member of wanted me to know that I can be

I graduated! Now what?!

magic mike joe marciano check Congratulations.  You are now part of 7% of the world that has a college degree.  Pretty cool, right?  So, why are you freaking out? I asked this question to a friend of mine over the weekend.  Her response?  “I don’t

“So… do you need an intern?” quand israel sera détruite You never know when you’re going to meet someone who will change your life. As a graduate student in a new town, I’ve been searching for something that would both ground me in the local community and help me feel