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Vote like your life depends on it, because it does

sukasuka ep 10 vostfr view Vote like your life depends on it, because it does Voting – it’s your right. Have you exercised that right yet? If not, get on it. There are many reasons why you should, and here are five for your consideration.

If I knew then what I know now

traurige deutsche lieder zum weinen If I knew then what I know now. There’s no doubt that a college education provides us with a great foundation to take on the world with, but let’s face it, having a degree doesn’t guarantee you a top-level job

Weekly Spotlight: American Hero, Margaret Corbin

Weekly Spotlight: American Hero, Margaret Corbin

bill und fleur check In honor of Independence Day, today we spotlight Margaret Corbin, an American hero who bravely fought for our country’s freedom in the Revolutionary War.  Margaret joined her husband at the Battle at Fort Washington on November 16, 1776, aiding her

In Love with Busy

datenklau und cyberwar “How are you doing?” “Oh, you know…just busy.” I hate that interactions between people so often start like this. I’m 100 percent guilty of this myself and have consciously committed to keeping the “b-word” out of it when someone asks

Paralympics… Inspired yet? carafage des vins Today, we bring to you a good old-fashioned inspirational message.  Those who accomplish great feats do so because, against all odds and with their back against the wall, there is always at least one thing that they can do to

Celebrating Women’s History Month

gloria pune bavdhan In celebration of the motivated commitment of these inspiring women, we now celebrate Women’s History Month. The United States has observed it annually throughout the month of March since 1987.  To learn more about other influential women in history and

Enter the “Manbassadors”

ivan navarro prix Accountable in Action is an organization dedicated to helping women pursue personal excellence, cultivate leadership, and discover career potential. We are committed to equity across genders – in other words, we’re committed to being a feminist organization. In this commitment