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Me and Mr. Mom spendenaufruf vorlage für feuerwehrfahrzeug This week’s blog is written by AinA CCO, Lindsey Hamilton. Check out her discussion on influence, gender roles, and setting examples.  Those around us change our lives.  Whether they’re family, friends, teammates, or total strangers, people leave marks, make in

93 years to voice your opinion… Are you doing it? brænd system lyrics In case you’re still recovering from Miley Cyrus’… ahem… “performance” last night and haven’t had time to brush up on your historical fun facts for the day, today marks the 93rd anniversary of women earning the right to vote in

Yellen and Summers Teach Us About “Gravitas”

therapie bij adhd Before you start running for the hills, this post is not about politics. Well, sort of. If you’ve opened any major news publication in the last week or so, you may have seen that there’s some hot competition between Janet

Happy MOMday – You Might Be a Feminist If… historique annuel cac 40 You might be a feminist if: you celebrated Mother’s Day yesterday. In case you missed the copious amounts of mom-recognition posts on Facebook, yesterday was Mother’s Day. Whether your mom is still around or not, it’s undeniable how great an

Get the Bug Spray: Preparing for Queen Bee Syndrome

pa consulting services limited It wouldn’t be a completely perfect Tuesday if I didn’t start the day off with one of my favorite movies: Mean Girls. I promise, this has a point… Gretchen: [to Cady] If only you knew how mean [Regina] really is…

Words of Wisdom from BusinessWOMAN Marie Royce

metropolis fritz lang moroder there Last Thursday, I boarded a plane at 5:30 am for a trip to Orange County. As I boarded the plane, the female flight attendant said, “Ugh. Why do we have 6 am flights? It’s for all of those businessmen.” I

Celebrate International Women’s Day this Friday, March 8

norge nett feilmelding click International Women’s Day is this Friday, March 8. It is a day to honor the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. Want more about how it came to be?: PBS released a documentary that

The Anatomy of a Successful Woman

dragetræf på fanø “Action is the foundational key to all success.” – Pablo Picasso Accountable in Action is an organization designed to inspire you. We are fuel for your fire, a voice for your cause. Accountable in Action is your foundation. I was inspired

Let’s Hear It For the Girls tatt opp lån i andres navn Rosa Parks, the success of women-owned businesses and why women make great leaders Did some sporting event take place during the Beyonce concert last night? Juuuust kidding. But really, Beyonce and her independent women back-up dancers really blew people away.