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sara placement pune link A couple of weeks ago, I had lunch with our AinA CEO, Sarah. We checked in on all things AinA and then switched the conversation to my impending career change from the corporate world to the fitness industry. It’s something I’ve been working towards for some time now, but I am still in the early stages of turning my passion into a full-time job. Ever the go-getter, Sarah started brainstorming ideas and asked if I had ever thought about doing bootcamps.  I shocked myself with what my initial thoughts were: That’s too hard. I could never actually be successful at that. dana technical centre pune Upon hearing a new idea, why was my gut reaction to come up with reasons why it wouldn’t work? What patterns had I built up in my mind for negativity to come out so easily?  I’ve always considered myself a really positive person. To witness this negative self-talk scared me quite a bit.

primax p sil zulassung here I started to think about how many others were having similar internal dialogues. I imagine the majority of us are all walking around talking ourselves out of amazing opportunities because we’re afraid of taking on a new challenge or stepping outside of our comfort zones. frontal lobe damage In researching how we stop mentally attacking ourselves, I came across a video with the most amazing, but simplest answer. Before we get to it though, we first have to be cognizant of our thoughts. You can’t fix the problem if you don’t even realize you’re doing it. So, the next time you’re approached with a new challenge, or accidentally say the wrong thing, become aware of how you respond. Is your internal dialogue telling you why you might fail or how dumb you are for not saying the perfect thing in that moment? Witness your thoughts and decide if some gentle correction is necessary. dashing blade hengst Now back to that video. Tony Teegarden suggests one question to ask ourselves that he believes will stop negative-self talk dead in its tracks: “Would you say that to a five-year-old?” This idea is so easy, yet so effective. If you wouldn’t feel right saying it to a child, why would it be okay to say it to yourself? Picture your five-year-old self, or your own child, niece, nephew…you get the idea. How would you respond to them if they were faced with whatever challenge you are facing? mission cyrus ii Let’s try to be as gentle, forgiving and supportive of ourselves as we would be with a five year old kid. I bet our self-talk will become much more positive and I believe it will lead to a much more positive life as a whole.

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