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In case you’re still recovering from Miley Cyrus’… ahem… “performance” last night and haven’t had time to brush up on your historical fun facts for the day, today marks the 93rd anniversary of women earning the right to vote in the United States.

Women generations before us argued and pushed and fought to earn the right to vote. This struggle began in 1848 when the first Women’s Rights Convention was held in New York. There, equal suffrage was adopted. It wasn’t until 72 years later, in 1920, that the 19th amendment was passed.

It took approximately three seconds for Miley’s performance last night to go viral. It took 72 years for women to earn the right to vote… and many aren’t even exercising their rights now. Please take a moment to decide what is truly the priority for you.

Are you registered to vote and, more importantly, are you exercising your right to do so? This is a valuable opportunity to voice your opinion.

Sojourner Truth said, “If women want any rights more than they’s got, why don’t they just take them, and not be talking about it?”

While I agree that Truth is absolutely accurate, I think there is some importance in talking about things. This extends beyond issues such as voting rights to issues like bridging the gender gap in the workplace, equal pay for equal work and creating cultures of accountability.

We just can’t let talking be the only thing we do. Put words and plans into action, just as our Accountability Allies do. Accountable in Action is about seeing goals come to fruition. A goal is a dream with a deadline.

Women having the opportunity to voice their opinions was a dream for the women who worked to make equal voting rights a reality. Don’t let their work go to waste by not exercising your rights to speak up now.

So, what do you care about? If you want someone to talk to about it, contact any of the Accountable in Action officers and we are happy to talk it through. Just know, once you decide, we’ll hold you accountable to it 😉

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